Discussion on the future development trend of LCD splicing industry

April 17, 2017

  As with the security market as a whole, the big screen as a sector of the industry is also experiencing its prosperity. In recent years, from all sides of the statistics show that the application of large screen splicing in the security market is growing rapidly.

  LCD display terminal security equipment as an important part of the security monitoring system, its performance directly affects the entire security system can fully play its role, directly affects the social stability and harmony. Not only that, the commercial LCD display for stability of lamp life and continuous work under the proposed strict requirements: the product can reach an average of 60 thousand hours without failure; according to the actual situation of individual high-risk industries working environment, develop preventive measures against dust, and a series of internal combustion protection mode; using LED backlight technology advanced, can effectively reduce the temperature on the surface of the screen, reduce the residual image, prolong the service life, the energy saving and environmental protection, high durability, low failure rate characteristics of the display should be used to cope with the security demand.
  Fierce competition in the market competition

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  With the continuous development of liquid crystal splicing technology, LCD splicing market matures. At present, large screen market is mainly composed of PDP, DLP and LCD three mainstream technology market, relatively speaking, the LCD panel can be spliced easily, the market supply is sufficient, the price is compared to the other two kinds of technology products more competitive, therefore, can quickly stimulate large screen splicing in the low-end market demand that is mainly used for sewing requirements is not high, the display simple video surveillance market and public information display market.
  1 broad application prospects
  Display technology upgrade and expansion of the big data era, has spawned more demand for large screen display, large screen display industry is not the hardware is king of the times, "content is king" has become the new demand. In addition to the information visualization, visualization application can reflect the security monitoring, energy management, exhibition, digital signage and other aspects of the application, provides a new platform for the competition of big screen manufacturers, many enterprises have realized deeply and gain a foothold in the industry, it is necessary to provide more applications for the user needs, and visualization the application will focus on the development direction of major companies, I believe the future will accelerate the penetration of visualization in the industry, and constant innovation, to achieve a comprehensive interpretation of the needs of the industry.
  2 application experience value, product value desalination
With the continuous development of the industry continues to mature and the change of market demand, technological innovation alone is not enough to support the leading position in the industry, user demand for large screen system is no longer simple "look", but more and more concerned with the intrinsic value of more for themselves, the realization of income is greater than the input the value can better show the value of experience. This requires the industry to have the ability to solve innovation, echoing the industry as a whole to the transformation and upgrading of integrated services.
  3 three product Gexianshentong market competition is more intense
At present, the large screen market companies are implementing the pros and cons of the product to accurately locate the product line, the product will be applied in different areas, the development strategy of market segments. With the development of enterprises and promote technology, LCD, DLP display, LED small pitch products will gexianshenshou, exhibition and supernatural powers, will be more intense competition in the market.
  LCD screen and Internet of things
  The development of the Internet of things will have a profound impact on the monitoring and management platform, one of the most important point is to promote the monitoring and management platform of resource integration capability, including integration and image information and other aspects of the integration of all kinds of sensor technology integration, integration, intelligent analysis of the application of traditional security services, and these it is built on the LCD screen display system based on the overall planning, so things like growth momentum of LCD screen.
  Future development, aimed at major national projects and strategic emerging industries, the large screen LCD splicing industry services from the traditional areas of expansion for many emerging areas; vigorously promote the structural adjustment of enterprises, and strive to create a number of "billions" leading enterprises and the formation of a number of backbone enterprises with international competitiveness; to strengthen has continued to promote the achievements and long-term investment, continue to accumulate keep mosaic screen core technology, the formation mechanism of the sustainable development of the industry.
  Future market trends

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  Large screen splicing products from the beginning of the high-end, narrow application of professional level (such as broadcasting, electricity, telecommunications and so on) expanded to cover today's entertainment, public administration, industrial and commercial, livelihood and other dozens of subdivision applications. More than 100 inches of high-quality, continuous work to display the screen is a place for large screen splicing products.
  1 differentiated application segments
  According to the different technology products directly to the precise positioning of enterprise product line, the reasonable subdivision applications in different fields, the market, each product will recount, play the development potential of various products. This is currently a large screen splicing companies have been in the implementation of the strategy.
  2 display more rich, clear
  In addition to the large screen splicing product line rich, large screen display of the content is clear or not will largely affect customer satisfaction. Shenzhen ya Schindler 1080 HD resolution display unit helps to achieve higher image resolution, which can not only make the visual effect more clearly, especially can display more content, can satisfy the smooth while maintaining high resolution pictures.
  3 innovative thinking to develop civilian products
  At present, more and more many people pay attention to the visual experience, want to put the big screen high-definition display system "move" to go home, but due to technical and cost constraints, large screen splicing in the civilian market seems to have a place to live in. No matter what the domestic industry, large screen splicing application basically concentrated in the field of telecommunications, broadcasting, power, security monitoring and dispatching of such large projects, but foreign large screen splicing has been applied to the people's livelihood, including some stores, even on the bus station are applied to all splicing screen
  Conclusion: over the past few years, the big screen industry has solved the HD, 1080p and 3D video of the long-term spread and control technology, to achieve a large screen Market HD 3D. In the future, the big screen applications will continue to improve the experience of improving the HD and 3D transmission system, and to 4K transmission and other higher bandwidth performance standards evolution. At the same time, cheaper materials, uniform transmission standards are also emerging, which is an important direction of hdbaset specification.