Display market transformation, LCD and OLED war

October 28, 2016

    More than a decade ago, many ahead of the liquid crystal display technology began with the technology of the CRT TV hit the market quickly, today, seems to be should be the laws of the pole will tide, seems to be great pull LCD visibly, OLED think of an achievement. Then, a another war between "old love new love".


    Since the LCD products listed, may have had four to five years before and after, to replace CRT technology as a new generation of mainstream standards, and OLED technology of TV products as early as September 2013, development has been nearly three years.


    In the era of the LCD to replace CRT, however, at that time, all weather vane is LCD to replace CRT, which listed on the OLED TV nearly three years, the new technology does not affect the mainstream market, investigate its root causes, relative LCD or OLED product appearance in form or without a revolutionary change, you know, the liquid crystal TV than CRT TV size and shape can be changed, the user is actually realized LCD TV so OLED there is still a long way to go.


    In spite of this, we cannot deny that OLED era as time shows the potential of technology, its unique physical properties for LCD technology almost "freaky point", the OLED, the biggest question is from the big panel cost problem caused by the cutting rate is not high. Next, we'll come up the bottom "flaw" exposed by the liquid crystal technology, may look after you will understand why the high-end users for OLED display technology products so magical.


    Response time is always can't get rid of defects


    LCD monitor and LCD TV, monitors is more of a static scene, such as words, image processing and typesetting printing, etc., only the game experience higher demands on response time. TV to watch the video, by contrast, the properties of the means that every moment under dynamic scene, so liquid crystal technology serious response time is not suitable for dynamic scenes in principle.


    There are specializing in so-called, the variety of liquid crystal panel, popular commercial IPS panel dynamic response time is not very ideal, TN panel products must have different degree of distortion in color, even if the response speed is the most advantage of TN panel screen, also is unable to completely get rid of the problem of response time of ghosting.


    Today, still have many users complain about LCD TV screen is not smooth, especially some mid-range especially TV products. Speak a little bit further, the new Internet brand for lack of TV technology manufacturing experience, the problem of response time is more outstanding. So? Why the LCD technology has the problem of slow response time?


    No matter by what means or LCD technology, can fundamentally solve the picture the ghosting phenomenon, because of the liquid crystal molecules deflection arrangement takes time, the liquid crystal molecules deflection, different materials have different ways of liquid crystal molecules from accepting driver chip instruction to the time required to change the state of the process, this is what we often say "response time", said popular point, no matter how advanced drive technology cannot change the liquid crystal molecules need about the fact that deflection, fast or slow response time, but not zero, so the ghosting effect of liquid crystal screen is not eradicated.


    Technology regardless of more mature light-leaking still exist


    Liquid crystal material itself is not illuminated, needed a light emitting diode (LED) back to normal, according to the past the CCFL backlight system, and LED backlight system is popular in recent years, whether in the past CCFL backlight, the current LED backlight or just emerging QLED quantum dots backlight system is inevitable there will be. Electrically induced spontaneous and OLED has the characteristics of light, the rigid advantage compared to liquid crystal "excellent photoluminescence too much" so on the black stuff won't appear light-leaking phenomenon, thus improve the contrast and quality performance.


    Physical properties of the OLED illumination is the main reason, the black field show as shutdown results demonstrates that the television boot LOGO (TV), administrative levels feeling of the picture, color, transparency, details etc are unmatched by LCD. And need to use the LCD back light work, cannot achieve pure black, according to quality performance has been limited.


    OLED has completely realized the electroluminescent without backlighting. So the color can be displayed "native". And liquid crystal because of the LED light-emitting diode, the picture significantly affected by the back light, like the picture surface is covered with a layer of white gauze, affected the performance quality. In other words, the existence of the backlight not only influence the dark field of liquid crystal products, but from beginning to end had a negative impact on the picture. Response time is dynamic LCD technology fluency of shortcomings, the backlight is quality of shortcomings.


    War is not about OLED market preliminary analysis


    LCD technology from the start, it is not best choice TV technology, but it is more suitable for market, and the market success also cannot let us ignore the existence of short board, LCD technology including the response speed and a backlight system impact on image quality is the most obvious shortcomings.


    In fact, if compared and accepted time display technology of OLED, feel there is far more than these LCD technology, the difference of OLED and LCD products is not for the disparity in heaven and earth, in recent years have QLED display technology (quantum dots) for a city back LCD camp.


    A lot of people think QLED quantum dot is a kind of new technology, in fact QLED only a kind of new backlight system, based on the technology of QLED still belong to the category of LCD display products, its advantage lies in strengthening the underperforming WLED color LCD products, while light-leaking phenomenon and the phenomenon of ghosting ills still exist, and ultimately quantum dots or belongs to "photoluminescence" field of liquid crystal products, is to use technology will abate, TV product itself light-leaking phenomenon still can't get rid of a light-leaking the LCD itself inherent defects, defect is again good, covered defect is defect, in terms of one's current level of technology, it is impossible to eliminate such defects, and the second generation of quantum dots would be "electroluminescent" mode, get rid of the "quantum dot LCD backlight will be a city back to camp, and especially not clear.


    Are still in the market now is for LCD TV, whether the pattern of the market when it can be changed, even now we also are hard to predict, "electroluminescence principle" technology to replace "photoluminescence" principle, which is nothing but a matter of time, the long battle over the quantum dots OLED are will eventually one day, only this time the war time span is very big.


    In replace of LCD products at the beginning of the initial mass market, there will be a time of "chaos" after all, compare the current focus on technology, when did not replace CRT TV LCD TV so disparity gap, so long will be called, are writing this article is also hope our customers can recognize the LCD now in a phase, when the choose and buy new technology products to polish eyes, don't be a lot of "smoke" blind the eyes.


    At this stage of LCD TV is not without its potential, to buy a good LCD TV can again with more than 5 years time, OLED products at present due to the high cost of large panel cutting limit, there is only in the field of high-end products products, LCD products so anyone still dominant position in the market.