Don't bother, soft floor, LCD advertising machine

September 12, 2016

    In some stores, customers often encounter some "enthusiasm" promoters "nag" continuously, consumers don't really get what they want, at the same time in the promotion of influence the choice of consumers shopping, use floor type LCD advertising machine now to communicate with consumers, can avoid the embarrassment can also reduce the cost of part of the wage payment console advertising machine is given priority to with what customers need, don't disturb the customers can achieve the purpose of sales promotion.latest company news about Don't bother, soft floor, LCD advertising machine  0

    Advertising operators and malls supermarket managers consider starting point and the position is different, advertising operators pay more attention to advertising revenue, and shopping malls supermarkets managers pay more attention to the positioning and image of the store. Advertising operators more the pursuit of the interests of the advertising revenue, at the time of introduction of floor type advertisement machine more advertising, ignoring the shop itself can create profits, keep playing irrelevant ads will let the customer to produce a, "nag" more tired than promoters. But shopping malls supermarkets managers introduce console LCD advertising machine, fashion the perfect modelling, can make full ornament shopping environment, especially when multi-motor synchronous broadcast more can apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere of a high-end, in order to improve the grade of the stores and class, mainly sells quality, so as to promote consumers to buy.

    Therefore, the operator can timely release information to the customer, the effect of information in order to achieve real-time communication. LCD floor type LCD advertising machine with updated content and the function of the internal copy and paste, good support for the rapid release of information; For audience, they need the product selling points, function, present price, promotion, purchase points, services and other information can be learned in a timely manner, in order to have the field guides, immediate promotion effect.

    As a connoisseur of liquid crystal screen, DDW think console LCD advertising machine implementation stores sell floor all aspects of "win-win". With the aid of floor type advertisement machine, customers can quickly query to on product information, and at the same time they want to buy product operators (advertisers) and can do their own brand publicity, promotional products, can achieve the whole city and even the national chain outlets released unified management, unified promotion, publicity of information unified release and center monitoring function, improve the mall stores management propaganda. To run the advertising machine store managers, but also can obtain good economic and emotional rewards.