Dust the important influence to the LCD splicing screen

October 11, 2016

    We all know that the dust has a harm to human body, but you never know dust as well as for the LCD splicing screen so, emperor ai emperor today with dust to everyone how big to the harm of splicing screen, like mist have serious harm to human body, similar to the haze of dust is a sworn enemy of electronic products, LCD splicing as electronic products with extremely high content of science and technology, dust also produced great impact on it. Liquid crystal splicing screen movement using a large number of optical element, is just the dust harm to optical element is the largest. The focus of multimedia is parsing the dirt on the LCD splicing screen for you direct harm is divided into four points.

    1. The contrast down

    Contrast ratio is defined as the brightness of the display unit can output the maximum values divided by the brightness values of the dark, when the dark scene the dust on the optical components can reflect a stray light, projection will not out of light from the lens, increase the brightness of the dark. The same in the light part of the light will be dust, reduce light bounces back and through capacity, and reduce the brightness of the light value, to get a contrast down naturally.


    2. The color wheel speed reduced

    LCD splicing screen color wheel is one of the important parts, color processing with high speed motor, speed of about 7200 rotations per minute (RPM). If a lot of dust around the color wheel, can affect the color wheel rotation, which reduces the color wheel speed or unstable, fault occurs.


    3. The screen brightness

    The brightness of the LCD splicing screen was conducted through reflection lens and lens output brightness, if the dust accumulation in optical component surface, reflectance and transmittance is diminishing over time, causing the deterioration of brightness.


    4. The image blur

    When dust inside the splicing screen on the optical components of accumulated to a certain extent, could change the light path, cause the light focus when unable to gather in the same focus, so makes the display on the screen image blurring. Everyone thought the dust at ordinary times is only affect the surface of the LCD screen, but don't know have so much influence on the LCD panel function, in daily life, it is important to note that dust, to prolong the service life of the product.


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