Exhibition hall to attract customers to participate in three steps

February 15, 2017

    In the retail, museums and other public organizations and enterprises often talk about "attract, participate in and contact" (or some) in terms of customer interaction. The participation of any physical or virtual concept, seek to interact with customers or visitors will experience the prediction process. This is the design, installation, let the audience in the real space interactive system is very useful.



    First installation equipment to attract tourists in the distance. A focal point of the hall is one such example. From a distance, often even from outside the buildings look, this is ready to work, and provide people with visual cues, lead them to the equipment. Its purpose is to attract a crowd at the same time. At this stage, the LCD splicing screen and liquid crystal splicing wall used to attract attention, and lead the people involved.


    Participate in:

    The next step is to participate. People to learn more knowledge and love stories and scene Settings. Depending on the scope and proportion of equipment installation, this can be a Shared or personal experience. This is a large LCD splicing screen where it can play a role.

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    Finally, the installation of the equipment can provide detailed information, and converted to points can be measured. This is usually a personal experience on a human scale. Usually touch all-in-one PC or high-resolution touch LCD advertising machine is used to create high quality close visual experience.


    Interactive LCD actually can work on three levels.

    Attract stage, change the video on the screen or graphics to reflect the communities, noise or other forms of interaction. They can also show the personal experience in the contact phase. In stage, the interactive display can provide game environment, or allow the user to begin to explore the content. During the contact phase, interactive touch screen can become a mentor, self-service through content guide people, encourage more deeply with people to participate in, or is in front of the science and technology museum exhibits, explain the choice of alternative energy, or describe the retail unit handbag features.

    Throughout all of these layers, people will surprise and happy, including entertainment, education and encouragement. Emotions can communicate at each step, incredible visual communication tools and interactive technology can further complete the mission.