Feng counter attack The subway billboard has refresh

September 20, 2016

    Subway station, and advertising is more, the recent see feng joining together of a liquid crystal screen posters attracted the attention of the small make up, and the content of the liquid crystal splicing big posters are eyes, couldn't help recalling in November 2010, feng on weibo said the U.S. visa through the "I to the United States, I want to go to Mr Obama." According to the report, the message was forwarded more than 3600 times and attracted more than 4000 comments - are almost all of her personal attacks and expressed sympathy for Mr Obama.

    In the subway station LCD splicing screen advertising, markup language, according to feng is "contemporary writer", "feng is no longer red, come to New York, I take you to experience living in new life", such as marked clearly, extremely high resolution. Compared to words, feng and now have similar language style and the spirit, but no matter how to don't like the same person. Five years ago, everyone will think it is just the language of lei feng out of reach, now, no one can conclude that she did not dream of the day. At least, the AD witnessed her counter attack.

    The content of the poster is phoenix beauty and become the contemporary writer slogan, behind the subway advertising, we think of the phoenix image display of the screen is with the function of switch, switch display different content, regardless of what he is static or dynamic. In business ways, subway advertising is usually shown by the location and time of quotation, advertisers through optimizing selection stream and the location of the high attention to advertise, but considering the tedious subway advertising, the traditional light box and poster form has not been able to meet the needs of subway advertising, subway advertising forms and innovation requires a large degree of change and improve, which requires the advertising to have quick and convenient and operability, so we through the analysis and investigation, the most suitable for subway advertising display should belong to the LED display screen and liquid crystal splicing wall, the former is applicable to the vast area of the subway, such as underground channels, platforms, escalators, side wall, corridor, etc., and liquid crystal splicing screen can choose the location of the display area big, large wall stickers and subway entrances or ticket office, for example, to target consumers seem to have vision, very suitable for brand promotion.

    In addition, the LCD splicing screen can display different content areas at the same time, improve the efficiency of advertising, do not worry about often switch pictures and miss out on potential customers, more do not need to be behind the posters, a splicing wall all done, it is very convenient, more efficient. DDW LCD splicing screen flat-fell seam as low as 3.5 mm, using splicing unit between almost seamless splicing, presents a complete unified picture, built-in intelligent temperature control cooling system, alarm circuit and science is more suitable for the subway traffic was more large occasions, such as door inside and outside.