Fingertips advertising machine: interactions have a great future

January 9, 2017

    Into a new era of science and technology, liquid crystal advertisement machine with the attitude of "the fifth media" walked into our life, among them, the typical representative touch screen advertising machine set advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer technology into an organic whole, such as fingerprints, scanner, card reader, mini printers and other peripherals, which can realize the public information query, fingerprint attendance, credit card, printing and other specific requirements. Its application field is very wide, not only in the bank, the frequent use of power, tax and other industry, the government information, public information consultation, multimedia teaching, etc, also played a big role.


    Touch screen advertising machine has a good performance of human-computer interaction, computer is popular on the market at present, advertising machine with a computer system, with a touch function, can greatly facilitate some old people and children don't commonly used computer, use the keyboard to operate. Use the touch screen advertising machine, what do you want to check you just need to finger gently contact, which greatly facilitate the operation, is very convenient to use and also so big popular.

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    Both businesses and services industry, in the propaganda need a lot of space to display their product information, but make billboards, written signs need to take up a lot of space, and touch-screen display good video and image display, as long as the hard disk is enough big, can display more information in the touch screen, can save a lot of advertising costs to users.


    To the bank deposit and withdrawal, no need to queuing up to the counter, just by touching the advertising machine, according to clew requirements can quickly achieve a goal; To the station to buy tickets, also need not again to the office to ask, multi-touch screen advertising machine to use at the station, train number, arrival time, ticket price and other information will be clear at a glance; Even now to the park, can be selected in advance by touch query machine lines, and detailed understanding of the scenic spots along the way.


     LCD advertising machine as the operation of media industry industry, under the development in recent years, liquid crystal advertisement machine widely used in building, business super, public places, have all kinds of traffic system, etc., as the saying goes no can't do, only unexpected, it may be the means of LCD advertising machine.


    I'm convinced that the consumers are commercial place will have LCD advertising machine, LCD advertising machine in the world has too many successful cases, such as: America's top ten universities are installed LCD advertising machine, the purpose is to improve teaching efficiency and quality. Including like parkson, their own restaurant again to install the grandeur of the LCD advertising machine, LCD advertising machine playing the food pictures, I believe that this is more than effect brought by the service personnel to introduce food has more impact, more intuitive to let consumers to produce a desire to have. Because of this LCD advertising machine each big businesses use liquid crystal advertisement machine play a lot of information actually has attracted customers consumer desire, when its finished its mission, the enterprise businesses that need it.


    As is known to all, consumers do not like salesmen like beside is introduced to explain! Sometimes like to go to the mall now, just because a LCD advertising machine, so it broadcast content in the products, see content I will feel very comfortable, you can find a LCD advertising machine achieved better effect than a sales staff, we have passed the LCD advertising machine text, pictures, sounds, and merchants have a deeper understanding of the very brief but very effective.


    Can find LCD advertising machine is gradually occupied the Chinese market, it can play the role of the unimaginable. As consumers, we all found that when we watch TV see what price this product price products that sell advertising, and hate, why? Is because the advertising information for we do not have any value, but the information broadcast by the LCD advertising machine is a concept entirely different, just think, when you buy milk, next to the liquid crystal advertisement machine analysis of milk a day for you to drink how much, what age the configuration what proportions, you will find that you are happy to go to buy milk and you hope that through LCD advertising machine more knowledge on milk. Then the effect of liquid crystal advertisement machine is reflected, for consumers and businesses to achieve the win-win result. Future LCD advertising opportunities become dominant, it would be a witness to the development of China, it is the symbol of the city.