Five important parameters of LCD splicing screen

August 5, 2016

The LCD splicing screen are widely used in the market, it is a very high scientific and technological electronic products.It’ s a new product for the user as there is too little time for users to know more about LCD splicing screen.Besides,presently the mess in the market LCD splicing and the unable to identify quality, which cause certain difficulty for users to choose cost-effective LCD splicing screen.The following five parameters can identify strengths and weaknesses of the LCD splicing screen

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Parameter 1: support the resolution

Resolution is one of the most important parameters to measure the effect of display shows. LCD splicing screen shows whether the definition of the picture, the picture is exquisite characteristics are determined by its resolution.The resolution of the screen on the market at present is higher than before, commonly are: 1920×768×1080 and 1366, don't choose if resolution is too low.


Parameter 2: contrast

LCD screen display color brilliance and color effect is decided by its contrast. LCD splicing screen on the market at present common contrast to 3000:1, which is high. If the contrast stitching screen is low, which can lead to screen picture colors are not bright and rich enough.


Parameter 3: brightness

The brightness of the LCD splicing screen images displayed on the screen is determined by the liquid crystal splicing unit brightness. If brightness is not high, will lead to the strong light environment can't see the screen shown in the picture. This can choose according to your requirements, if you want to use in strong light environment, choice brightness is high, so does it in the indoor environment.


Parameter 4: the splicing gap

Splicing screen is made of more than splicing panel patchwork, so there is splicing gap between each panel. Splicing gap is too large will not only affect the appearance of beauty, but also have great influence to the display effect.


Parameter 5: input signal types

If splicing screen supports only a single type of input signal and output function, in many places use will be limited, support for multiple input and output signal format is more convenient to use.