Flexible use of digital signage function maximization

September 18, 2016

    Whether the traditional static sign information, or flexible digital signage system, its final purpose is application effectiveness maximization. Digital signage use is not only the size of the difference, lies in how to according to the different time, different regions and industries released with pertinent information. To do this, you need to digital signage system for rational planning and distribution.

    Liquid crystal display can satisfy the desktop, wall hanging, hoisting, horizontal and vertical installation, can be designed according to different requirements of various occasions. Can show and irregular joining together, according to its unique artistic conception and theme, the way of the display content also have conspicuous and ignore the difference. If using the method of improper, all well-meaning appearance design, spectacular display as well as the reduction of the content is futile, mandatory ads often let a person too disgusted. Scenes of time and space layout can make digital signage system into people's life, from "outsider" to play to the role of "landscape". As for the enterprise to create brand value products. The feeling of simple visual enjoyment and "landscape" far cannot satisfy the development of enterprise needs to, can also be difficult to play the role of digital signage product. And the final step in digital signage ─ ─ scene change, may be able to demand for digital signage industry from the view to a part, improve enterprise value. Digging the potential needs of customers, rather than mandatory ads. And the customer need to see the joke to relax moment when work, combine advertising with jokes, make feel better? Let advertisements have no acosmia feeling into the line of sight, let a person more easily to accept.

    Flexible use of digital signage often can produce different effect. Such as dining room number sign advertising not only can be used to order and show the kind of food restaurant, also can show some food collocation skill and nutrient elements, let eat healthier and interesting, restaurant for health concept embodies characteristics, compared with the traditional hand-written menu efficiency greatly increases, more intimate than single LCD display menu. Or enterprise want through digital billboard display own brand culture, can be combined with some industry knowledge, spread some of the more easy to let a person attention and remember little common sense, but also promote their own brands, the lowest level of the sense to reduce brand, can let a person remember natural and relaxed. And if only the enterprise culture on the screen, one-sided propaganda, the effect will be discounted.

    Bearing and digital signage is a stage to make my dream come true, and how to show on the stage, depending on the method and purpose of the user, regardless of the content is king, or channel is king, turn to the end, but still managed to customers as the leading factor of the customer is king, the emperor of emperor ai, such as LCD screen expert in this area will promote the intelligent digital signage to the greatest extent, standing on the user's point of view, to support user for flexible use of scene of digital signage, to maximize function of digital signage.