Four major attentions of LCD splicing screen daily maintenance

August 5, 2016

Large LCD screen has been widely used in various industries, the local electronic circuit and computer control board, the appearance of the display screen for displaying large amount of dynamic information, some types can also support touch; as electronic equipment of the LCD screen, with a yearly limit length in order to better the life of LCD screen increased and ensure normal use of LCD screen in the work below show the solutions of DDW give you ideas how to maintain large LCD screen and improve its working life.

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1. Pay attention to the maintenance of technology.

Electronic equipment often will appear static phenomenon, splicing screen is no exception. Electrostatic will let the dust in the air attached to the screen, so be sure to do the appropriate cleaning. Can not use wet cloth clean, wet matters not only clean effect was poor and is likely to cause circuit moist, so LCD splicing screen cozy to emphasis on technology.


2. Pay attention to the maintenance of the body.

LCD splicing screen body itself is a certain period, the body of the switch will cause certain harm to the screen splicing, frequent switch will cause damage to the screen of electronic components, will naturally affect the LCD splicing screen use, the impact of its life.


3. Pay attention to cleaning maintenance.

Adhere to the habit of regular cleaning splicing screen, can use a damp cloth to clean the LCD screen, to try not to pay attention to the containing water is too heavy, wet cloth, in order to avoid water entering the screen and cause LCD internal short circuit fault. Recommends the use of glasses cloth, lens paper and other soft cloth to wipe the screen LCD. So as not to cause unnecessary damage to the screen.


4. Pay attention to the maintenance of environmental factors.

The surrounding environment on the splicing of the big screen is a direct impact on the. The use of large screen splicing effect and life if the light is too bright, even direct sunlight, on the one hand affect the visual communication of the advertising machine, on the other hand, will damage the screen electronic components. In addition, the mosaic of the large screen of the ambient air humidity should be suitable, electronic equipment is too humid will only affect the circuit, causing problems.