Hot summer how cool the LCD splicing screen

September 21, 2016

    The temperature of the hot increase signal hot summer coming. In the face of high temperature climate, humans can choose to open air conditioning, fan fan cooling technique, drink cold drinks such as rich, so for the same will happen because of the high temperature irreversible damage, but still needs 7 x24 hours "to" LCD splicing screen now, cooling heat what are the path? DDW teach you how to solve this problem.

Liquid crystal splicing screen for primary use in indoor environment, the use environment is relatively easy to manipulate. However, because many projects splicing wall 7 x24 hours continuous running demand for commodities, itself can happen a lot of heat, combined with the ambient temperature is higher, summer to adhere to the normal use, heat dissipation requirements progress substantially.

    For LCD splice plate heat dissipation of doubt

    According to the method of heat can be taken away from the radiator cooling method of liquid crystal splicing screen is divided into automatic type radiator and passive cooling. The former is a fan cooling device, such as mandatory to take away heat from the radiator, the latter is through the heat sink will serve as a heat source screen splicing goods source natural heat to the air.

    Practical operation, the automatic type cooling method can be subdivided into water cooling, the surface cooling, heat pipe cooling, semiconductor refrigeration, chemical, refrigeration, etc., with high heat dissipation power, equipment the advantage of small volume, Passive cooling method, the effect of heat dissipation is proportional to the heat sink unequivocal, first used in the space there is no requirement of equipment parts or fever is heat dissipation.     Generally speaking, the LCD splicing screen to normal use, best temperature between 0 ~ 42 degrees. In practice, the application of liquid crystal splicing screen in the indoor environment, will first choose contrast efficient automatic type cooling method, industry users can through the use of air-conditioning equipment to control the temperature, temperature control usually between 25 ~ 26 degrees.

    LCD splicing without heat, still need to dust!

    LCD splicing screen under the job status, the lamp of temperature can be as high as more than 1000 degrees, and the inside of the unit a lot of equipment operating temperature is below 70 degrees Celsius, the high temperature environment will become increasingly severe form, in this case, the first professional users choose to cool the cooling air cooling mode. Worthy of attention is, although this method can reach the cooling effect of must, however, in the process of operation, easy to dust in the air into the equipment. Therefore, in the process of cooling liquid crystal splicing screen, outside the physical cooling operation, but also pay attention to timing for dust removal equipment.

    In addition, the DDW also remind you! LCD splice screen bulb use life is limited, life expectancy due bulbs if continue to use, simple exploded, therefore, under the environment of high temperature in summer is applied, the user must pay attention to the check light bulbs, use after a period of time, if the light bulb brightness greatly reduced, which is light bulbs use life due warning.