How do digital signs refresh the new city

July 6, 2017

    Information developed led displays diverse applications, including digital signage in a whole new concept of media for spreading fashion, elegant, diversity of information display applications, according to the content of the information value gradually highlight the high quality, high efficiency and a application to upsurge in the display industry, for the city industry development brings a new weather!

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    Currently has many different kinds of digital signage, but the wide application of smart technology gradually focus to the integration of intelligent upgrade, began to offer content from passive to accurate delivery, search engines, such as different interaction development, form the intelligent digital signage system, to maximize the function of the digital sign!


    From the level of network technology, through the deep penetration of the Internet, and built-in smart technology system, supported by a terminal display device of picture and text, audio and video and other multimedia remote editing, network transmission, control, the formation of business and life information oriented multimedia professional audio-visual systems, so that users don't need to attend, can be anywhere at any time to master the operation pattern, flexible operation, convenient management; And with the touch interaction function, let the application process follow the inclinations.


    The emergence of digital signage perfectly done to integrate the network technology, multimedia technology and software technology innovation as a result of the fusion, moreover from the display mode, with its powerful layer mix function, support mainstream composite video, high-definition video format, can be implemented with any split screen window, transparent overlay, scrolling text mixed display a variety of ways, and have special ultra hd decoding chip, performance, security and stability, with consummate intelligence technology to realize the integrated system of multiple intelligence to the user subverts the traditional digital sign a single application, meet the personalized needs of various to the user, make the digital sign in the new form of urban development.


     DDW over the years through the accumulation of technical experience, and through the combination of hardware and software, completed step by step from supplier to system solutions and services provider, and constantly to hd perfect visual effect towards digitization, is committed to advancing the trend direction of virtual reality, the unique creative build excellent display effect, to provide users with the most high-quality solutions!