How to calculate the investment and return of digital signage product?

September 14, 2016

    As more and more recognition of digital signage technology value-added enterprises, has experienced rapid growth of digital signage. Compared with the traditional static advertising paper, digital signage in addition to realize real-time audience interaction, for the brand construction, and real time also affect the customer behavior provides an important opportunity. It creates a stimulating environment, and influence the customer's short term and long term purchase behavior. However, simply throw money does not make digital signage to achieve the best return on investment.

    The following are some of the principles of how to calculate return on digital signage.

    1. The definition and express their goalslatest company news about How to calculate the investment and return of digital signage product?  0

    Each organization to new technologies, new products or new investment process has a unique goals and requirements. As a result, the entire organization in digital signage goal may be different. For example, some signs will used to inform employees, others may be used to provide help. First of all, the organization needs to clear the definition of "return". Is a rise in sales? Or staff efficiency to save time? In other words, based on the expectation of return, the sign system is used to do?

    2. Understand the return on investment and the target returns

    Return on investment is very important due to the broad applicability. Return on investment (ROI), which can be simply interpreted as income on investment; Investment income except initial investment cost. ROI and target returns are closely intertwined. For example, to the way of digital signage may not form directly benefits, but it can release the staff time, staff previously used to customers now can be used to guide the direction of the time income generating activities, thus will bring indirect income growth.

When determining the return on investment, time is an important reference index. Usually technology ROI needs from a long-term point of view and the total cost of ownership (TCO) measures. The short term, the investment cost of digital signage networks could than printing poster or increase the cost of the employees. However, digital signage's ability to provide the updated information, in a specific location for a specific purpose immediately update a screen or the choice of the entire network. Compared to the print or manpower to do the same thing, digital signage ROI and TCO more attractive, and the process more efficient.

    3. A clear measure

    In addition, the investment rate of return in the form of more subjective, is just as important, is the measure of digital signage positive feedback from customers before and after installation. Whether this index can be used to determine the influence of investment to achieve the intended target. Even can be simply summarized as some problems: the customer before the digital signage for how long? How many people is through the signs advertising purchase products?

    4. The advanced measurement approach

    If more than the simple method is not enough, technology can realize more detailed measure. For example, through the Internet and electronic sensors, to measure traffic or interactive touch screen response. In addition, the advanced way of ROI is calculated and behavior or access, and record people's reaction. They noticed the digital signage? Do you think it is helpful?

    5. Measure and management

    The old saying said: "no investigation, no right to speak". Fortunately, technology makes such calculation easier and more scientific, as a result, businesses can be short-term or long-term follow-up. Measure ROI for digital signage is significant, especially the plan to start small, then plans to launch more digital signage project or network company. Calculation of initial project ROI after can affect to better ways to do things.

Health care industry, manufacturing industry, hotel industry, such as adopting digital signage in succession, used to inform employees, communicate important information, improve safety, and attract customers. Make full use of digital signage investment means need to calculate the return on investment, and get more understanding of customer or employee behavior, so you can through to the digital signage strategy adjustment as profit maximization.

    DDW as a connoisseur of digital signage, has experienced ups and downs go today, witnessed the emergence of the digital signage industry. From the very beginning I paint the walls and advertising to print media such as newspapers, books and periodicals to television, radio, and then to the Internet today, is a blend of all sorts of APP and creative digital billboards, movement, color is rich, more can meet the public's preferences. In the development of the society and at the same time, therefore, should be appropriately according to the needs of industry to keep up with the pace of science and technology, now, digital signage is being widely used in various industries play a different role.