How to correctly use large screen splicing screen

August 5, 2016

Long timenomaintenance and result in splicing failure happens in the big screen is some headache problems, and the failure parts are all important of the system. If serious problems, the maintenance cost will be far more than its daily maintenance fees, from economic considerations, will no doubt increasing the use of a lot of costs. SoI am here making up to each user somesuggestions for warm:

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First, avoiding finger pointing to the screen. Joining together big screen is very delicate, fighting ability are relatively weak, directly finger point screen is easy to increase the bad point, that is why some users to use for a period of time will find bad pointsismore and more important reasons. This kind of situation, is irreversible and remedy.


Second, do not open the LCD splicing screen under the condition of charged the back cover. In fact, even after the power outage, retained the instantaneous voltage is also high, background lighting component of CFL transformer still with about 1000 v high voltage.


Third,keepdry environment. Spell big screen interior design is very precise, environmental humidity was going to be easy oxidation corrosion phenomenon such as short circuit, bring huge economic losses to users.

Therefore, to keep the LCD splicing screen dry use environment. If it is found that screen when the screen surface has moisture to gently wipe with a soft cloth, and then you can open the power supply. If the moisture has entered the stitching inside the large screen, splicing screen must be in good ventilation conditions or in a warm place, let the moisture evaporate hair off. If the situation is more serious, ordinary users can ask professionals to help . Without dispelling moisture of avoid by all means make the LCD splicing screen electric work, otherwise will cause the electrode to corrosion, causing the splicing screen permanent damage.


Fourth, clear correctly splicing screen.It’ seasy to have some dust and dirt when using for a long time, clear the screen is inevitable. Correct cleaning method should be used when cleaning: use a soft, absorbent cotton of fiber material, lens paper or apply a small amount with soft cloth, such as glass cleaner, gently wipe away the dust or dirt on the screen.