How to improve the effectiveness of advertising?

May 16, 2017

    How to raise the focus of the advertiser's target audience has long been a matter of bother. Media advertising has changed dramatically in recent years, with the emergence of new media advertising and the reshuffle of traditional media. Businesses almost extremely use up all kinds of promotion ways, including online online, light box posters, etc., but the effect is not satisfied, audience has always been a single advertising machine, and decrease attention only does not increase, this will to a great extent, promote the general merchants to advertising carrier, liquid crystal advertisement machine upgrade.

    The low level of advertising media in China leads to a lot of advertising (70% ~ 80%) that is consumed by targeting the wrong audience. The LCD machine is designed to be "niche" because of its location, so it can be highly accurate in differentiating the audience. In the process of mass marketing to focus marketing, the liquid crystal advertising machine can make advertisements more effectively spread to the target audience after segmentation. Arguably, the most important advantage of liquid crystal media is to improve the awareness of consumers. If you are watching the radio, you will be on the counter at the time of the advertisement. When you read a newspaper, flip over the ads page. When you go online, a pop-up AD presses the button right away. Such consumers' attention to advertising and memory rates will decline, resulting in advertising waste.

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    LCD advertising machine, as a high-tech products at the same time, the dynamic images and vivid colors to attract consumers' attention, plus it broadcast time is generally is the target audience is idle bored of waiting time, so most of the audience will not have rebellious attitude on it, it will actively choose to watch. Data showed that the liquid crystal media have been installed in a building in the audience, 74.2% of people in each waiting for the elevator will often pay attention to this kind of LCD TV media, the content of broadcast every day to see people as high as 45.9%. Like this kind of LCD TV media advertising audience reached 71%, the biggest reason is that they believe in accepting this kind of advertising information without wasting your time at the same time, also added some active atmosphere boring waiting time.

    It can be combined with product marketing activities tailored to local conditions. For example, in the form of a rolling subtitles at the bottom of the screen to broadcast the product in the local promotion, so can effectively reduce the gap between consumers and specific products, contribute to its purchase behavior in a short time. From the point of transmission environment, LCD media advertising environment is relatively simple, it is high-grade residential and office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, and so on the organic fusion of enclosed space not only greatly reduces the interference of advertising, more can produce half compulsory viewing characteristics, compared with other media contact frequency, the frequency of the audience come into contact with the liquid crystal media every day is far more frequency than the contact with other media.