How to play the hotel multimedia information transmission

July 6, 2017

    Under the response of wisdom city, the hotel development pattern also more and more intelligent, by digital multimedia screen splicing display system to realize the hotel intelligent information service system, LCD splicing screen has become the public preferred. So the question is, how can the LCD splice screen drive the hotel to deal with the fierce competition in the industry?


    With the development of the hotel is difficult to meet the personalized needs of people growing, promote the development of intelligent hotel and diversified, the traditional LCD TV broadcasting equipment are widespread management inconvenience, information content and less transmission timeliness were some problems, in this situation, makes the multimedia display system of LCD splicing screen upstart, demand for the development of hotel industry has become more and more urgent. LCD splicing screen with high light of the large screen display, give a person the visual effect of lifelike and vivid, the perfect interpretation of large screen splicing display system, centralized management, played the regulation, clear images, real-time update of flexible features!

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    DDW large screen splicing system plays a lot of functions for multimedia information release with exquisite craftsmanship. It can be summarized as the following two points.


    Remote management: according to diversified hotel area, different position distribution points of management department can use the remote management system of their respective regions, points screens, according to different time periods, different regions experience; It can also provide remote media information transmission and remote status monitoring for the whole multimedia publishing and play management, and check the screen information remotely.


    Personalized management: optional open multiple Windows, custom window size, set up image video content, will notice, publicity, real-time, temporary notice sexual content articles, satisfy personalized functions at the same time meet the needs of diverse hotel exhibition of multimedia information.

Based on multimedia information demand, intelligent management, with a large screen splicing system is available in the hotel lobby, hotel lounge area, meeting room, such as streaming different content, such as hotel culture propaganda, news, business information, weather forecasting, such as let customer list to master, and thoughtful, comprehensive, three-dimensional service impression.


    DDW LCD splicing screen to set up a unified centralized management of multimedia information display system, on the one hand, highlights the hotel with the most advanced technology services to build an elegant and efficient check-in experience, on the other hand, the hotel's humanities embodies the fabulous spread to more people.


    The DDW liquid crystal splicing scheme provides the perfect experience for the multimedia information release, and it is better for the hotel industry to stand out in the industry. Moreover DDW always keep improving LCD splicing technology as direction, keep up with the pace of The Times development to realize intelligent, diversified applications, not only confined to the hotel industry, but also across the financial, education, medical, advertising, media and other fields, in order to achieve the application requirements of different areas, providing the most suitable for high-quality LCD splicing screen, create new multimedia information media!