How To Touch The Integrated Machine To Calculate The Quality?

April 14, 2017

  Access to the use of a wide range of touch control, many customers often do not know how to choose. How to choose a high performance price inquiry machine? As a kind of input device, touch screen display device has the advantages of firmness, durability, quick response, space saving and easy communication. Users can easily get the information they want as long as they touch the machine screen with their fingers, which makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward. Then the following by the elegant Schindler to introduce you to facilitate the choice of the time you can refer to oh.

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                                                                Horizontal touch inquiry integrated machine

1 simple operation

Just touch the touch button to search the relevant parts of the screen button, you can enter the information world, the information can include text, animation, music, video, games, etc..

2 respond quickly

The system adopts advanced technology, the query of the mass data, the response speed is refers to, don't bother waiting for, truly achieve the "Pentium" speed.

3 friendly interface

Customers do not need to understand the professional knowledge of touch search machine, you can clearly understand all the information on the touch screen screen, tips, instructions, the interface is very friendly, suitable for all levels, the majority of customers of all ages.

4 dynamic networking

Touch query machine system according to user needs, the establishment of a variety of network connections, such as telecommunications business network, telecom network connection, dynamic query call receiving process and personal telephone bill, internal INTEANET, also with the enterprise INTERNET Internet connection.

5 informative

Information storage is almost unlimited, any complex data information, can be incorporated into the multimedia system, and a wealth of information, you can achieve the audio-visual are available, the effect of changing the exciting.

6 good scalability

Touch inquiry integrated machine has good scalability, can increase the system content and data at any time, and for the future networking, multi database operations, etc..

7 safe and reliable


                                                Wall hanging type touch inquiry integrated machine

  Long time continuous operation, without any effect on the system, the system is stable and reliable, normal operation can not go wrong, crash; easy maintenance system includes a demo system with the same interface management system, can add, delete and change management operations on data content.

Touch query machine is a set of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer technology, can realize the public information query, with a fingerprint scanner card reader, printer and other peripherals, can realize fingerprint attendance, credit card, print and other specific needs. Touch inquiry integrated machine is a touch screen and related software bundled together with the use of other packaging to query for touch products. Touch inquiry machine really do touch and control as a whole, greatly improving the efficiency of people's work. So, as long as the above functions can be done, then we choose to touch the query machine is undoubtedly an excellent quality products!