How will the intelligent marketing plan be further optimized in the age of innovation?

June 29, 2017

    Introduction: with the development of information technology, driving innovation into the intelligent era, at the same time to drive the intelligence technology is widely applied to all walks of life, like digital signage industries are constantly updated iterations, its on the rich sensor and computer vision technology based on fusion more intelligent interactive features, and integrated into the marketing activities!


    Throughout today LCD intelligent machine on the basis of the new technology created the condition for added interactive experience for advertising, it with LCD high-definition colourful saturation effect of image quality, bring on the vision more your glove, the effect of combining intelligent interactive features, can follow and for, when it is applied in the touch-screen experience more unexpected. So, in the face of the barriers in the commercial marketing, can the intelligent advertising machine innovate the marketing model and realize further optimization?

In today's marketing business is full of challenge, innovative marketing model, though not to solve the economic stagnation of commercial circle a panacea, but is to increase economic booster, coupled with the impact of electricity, entity management is an urgent need to implement strategic transformation, thus realize innovation marketing become important topic.

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    DDW as an excellent leader of digital signage, the intelligent display scheme used on the Internet, big data, cloud computing, on the basis of realizing the software and hardware, innovative marketing mode, the main function of it is advantage through advertising machine display terminal not only can realize advertising goods, consumers can also be interactive experience, through advertising machine in the process of the system of data collection, analyzing consumer attributes, intelligent identify consumer preferences, and are well suited to distributed remote districts unified management, inventory management and real-time update advertising management, and it can realize the settlement function, etc.;


    In addition on the service, intelligent advertising function to realize intelligent virtual and real scene experience, make consumers to enjoy the most intimate services, but also reduce the workload of staff one-to-one service. Visible, DDW intelligent marketing scheme can finish goods are advertising to attract, smart shoppers, human-computer interaction, clearing the whole process service, to achieve maximum benefit at the lowest cost of marketing mode, which has advantages of innovation is to become the best choice for modern businesses to build new business marketing model.


    In the era of innovation, the DDW intelligent display scheme centering on the personalized needs of consumers all the time, on the basis of network technology, marketing, for nature, meet the dynamic needs of consumers, improve the quality of marketing services, finally realizes the brand-new marketing idea, realize the traditional marketing can not achieve personalized custom services, create considerable benefits for the business!


    As the leader of digital signage industry, DDW has been specially developed in the field of business display for many years, and has become a dedicated brand and become a popular supplier for many users. Of course, in the future of innovation and technology, emperor aidi will continue to create more display plans for more users in order to push forward the development of The Times.