In the face of the impact of the electricity, the traditional business how to meet the challenge?

January 3, 2017

    Along with the development of digital technology, liquid crystal advertisement machine as a modern and efficient information communication tool, is widely used in all walks of life, including the application of the retail industry is most obvious, the electricity business development in China under the pressure of competition, the traditional retail industry is facing huge transformation, the department stores each work hard to attract customers, end-users is of smoke, the service is changed and exquisite, but while fully exert all kinds of tactics, the store also should consider how to embody the thinking mode of "Internet +" with science, beautiful decoration, layout reasonable design plan induce consumers to buy emotions, stimulate consumer purchasing desire and finally complete the purchase behavior.

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    LCD advertising machine appeared more than made up for all the defects, but also brings to the traditional retail many innovative ideas, only break the shackles of traditional old thinking, to open up a new thinking space, using the mode of thinking of "Internet + to layout integration, so as to realize digital, information-based, efficient service system gives users the best experience, offline experience relative electric is a traditional retail business advantage, plus advertising machine technology is given by the" Internet + "intelligent interaction, interactive experience, such as new experiences, but also provide more effective marketing tool for retailers.

    Based on the traditional retail industry, and schindler's vertical touch LCD advertising machine not only in the thinking mode of "Internet +" make advertising machine more intelligent, also work on the excellence, truly wise and beautiful.

    Touch LCD advertising machine support touch function, support for video, audio, images, animation, circulation, segmentation, this makes the mix the unique images, can attract the customers will be the most beautiful picture show broadcast, transform the static advertisement into digital advertising, let consumers more zero close experience hd vision brought by the scientific and technological innovation, to boost consumption at the same time also can show promotions, product launches, product advertising, etc., exquisite product display will improve the image of the store brand and attract more potential customers.

    DDW's vertical touch LCD advertising machine not only combines the modern "Internet +" thinking and first-class digital technology, the application of flexible way, strong practicability, image quality and moving display design, etc., to meet the user's rigid demand, also bring people visual shock, merchants can improve customer shopping experience, in-depth People's Daily life.