Intelligent wisdom city advertising machine achievement

November 7, 2016

    Now with the mature of the Internet and the development of commercial economy, the rapid development of the smart devices are widely used in our life, there is no lack of among them there are a lot of advertising into our lives, all of the these ads appear to promote the development of the advertising industry, but also realized the market demand for intelligent advertising machine.

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    Intelligent advertising machine has become a mainstream trend, based on network platform, adopting unique distributed regional management technology, realize the network automatically update advertising programs, unified management. Through this system, we can easily build multimedia advertising information network, unified release of information. With high quality encoding video, audio, image information and the scrolling marquee transmission through the network to the box, and then by the combination of multimedia information into broadcast video signal display terminal, in addition to play the financial information, also can be real-time news, weather forecast, instant information, such as property notice at the first time transfer the latest information to the consumer.

    Intelligent advertisement machine from the main screen and motherboard, power board, display panel, etc, countries are now vigorously promote new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, from the chip level to level product, every step to low power consumption, high stability, low noise, small size of technology development, liquid crystal advertisement machine on the premise of guarantee the stable output, more energy conservation and environmental protection, low energy consumption level become one of the measures.

    DDW advertising machine completely according to national standards of production and have passed 3 c certification, the company in the field of advertising machine has a wealth of experience in research and development production and perfect during testing. Therefore, the DDW advertising machine to receive many merchants consistent approval. DDW advertising machine is widely used in government agencies, financial industry, industrial and commercial unit, insurance traffic and so on all walks of life. Is the commercial display option. DDW has been emphasizing on quality as a fundamental, customer-focused service purposes, and to bring customers the best service.