Interactive advertising tractor led the trend of The Times

November 14, 2016

    LCD advertising machine driven by innovative technology rapid development, liquid crystal advertisement machine isn't as simplification but more intelligent human nature as in the past, the emperor of emperor ai launched an interactive intelligent advertising machine to meet the demand, it has rich interactive features, can be the service of many users.


    Interactive advertising machine can put many scenarios such as on campus, it will push schools for students of the latest information, event notification, etc., can also promote the interaction between schools, teachers and students; In places of entertainment, it is in the public areas to provide services of interactive advertising entertainment for the general customers; In the enterprise, it can play a important role in presentation in the conference room. Bring brand-new interactive audio-visual experience for the clients and let users at the same time of receiving information, can free operation, choose what you want, smart LCD advertising machine system possesses stronger is easy to use interactive features, users can easily control related equipment operation and management.


    Into the interactive technology of LCD advertising machine for consumers to change passive by active, let consumer can actively involved in DDW advertising machine at the same time support multi-touch interactive intelligence, size screen interactive, for consumers, with it, can completely independent operation, choose your interesting information, and to read on their own business information, etc.; Also can finish the preferential electronic coupon to receive and share activities, such as its full display the touch interactive technology, let the consumer to interact with business face to face communication, let the enterprise and the consumer to achieve a win-win situation. At the same time, the interactive advertising machine not only can contact consumers and businesses to contact, also can be applied in the other schemes.


    Interactive guard system: the new interactive guard system performance is very outstanding, it can not only for the toilets, but also can play the role of the 24-hour concierge. With the aid of this kind of interaction of liquid crystal display device, tourists can even get many entertainment information. In addition, the company users can also be promotion information content is released in a timely manner, such as to get more business benefit.


    Interactive guiding system: in many large companies and campus, is a high-rise buildings, people inside it is difficult to really find out the road, and a new interactive guiding system, it not only can greatly improve tourist audio-visual experience, can also help them to find the target building better.


    Compared to the traditional maps, LCD advertising machine interactive guiding system has incomparable advantages. User can the construction planning and road information integration among electronic equipment, and can with visitors to interact with the audience. Visitors can also use a touch screen to control the electronic map to zoom in and out, this will also help you easily find the target location.


    DDW as domestic high-end commercial LCD system solutions provider, DDW believes that in the current rapid development of Internet, information of LCD advertising machine push already cannot satisfy the needs of consumers, enterprises want to foothold in the industry, we must follow the footsteps of time to keep pace with The Times, to produce advertising machine products by customers, how important it is for this interaction.