Interactive touch advertising machine is widely used

January 3, 2017

    At present, with the application development of touch advertisement machine, interactive touch advertising machine widely used in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and hotels and other places of sightseeing recreation become popular.


    Using interactive touch advertisement machine, consumers can easily get all the immediate, practical information, and multimedia entertainment, at the same time enjoy the leisure time.

    Interactive touch advertising machine hotel for operators and consumers build the understanding of the application of information interaction platform

    Below is the DDW interactive touch advertising machine areas of application:

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    Reception counter

    Can display the contents of the include: corporate image promotion, guest room price list, exchange rate, the latest news, special events, groups or special visitors, the name of the manager on duty, guestbook, hotel announcement items, and other general information.

    Can display the contents of the include: interactive information platform, floor plan, the guest room and hotel facilities, procurement intelligence hotel information, local tourist information, specialty shops, some places of interest, activity, special announcement, banquet hall, etc.

    The elevator or the elevator

    Can display the contents of the include: plan, introduces hotel facilities and restaurants, the restaurant, SPA, the lounge facilities such as special offers, and other general life information.

    When we generally choose, of course, will face many uncontrollable problems, such as interactive touch advertising machine internal fittings, waterproof sealing, extended warranty service, in case as a reliable brand, the price is too high can be ignored.

    And it also has a characteristic, any object can touch, it is to rely on infrared light hair color infrared touch technology. As long as it is an object touch on it, is to light dimmed. As long as not bad inside tubes, has been to precision touch. Life at least 60 million clicks.