Introduction to the advantages of LCD video wall in the application

August 5, 2016


As the LCD video wall ‘ s appearance,solving all kinds of flows of the traditional TV wall.Scheduling and engineering application provides the best big screen display system for convenient,comprehensive, real-time display system of video information, especially the remote real-time command.

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The characteristics of the LCD video wall:

1、Long service life and low maintenance costs. LCD is the longest service life of the display device and its itself is very long service life.Even the back light part of the shortest life, also is as high as more than 50000 hours, and even use over such a long time, also will affect the brightness.Simply replacing the back light bulb can restore the original bright beautiful color.

2、Viewing angles. Viewing angle used to be a big problem restricting LCD for early products,but the problem has been completely solved by the constant progress of liquid crystal technology.

3、High resolution, beautiful picture.The distance of LCD is much smaller than plasma and the physical resolution can easily reach and exceed high definition standard.

LCD brightness and contrast is very high, colorful, BSV LCD technology for flat surface display completely no curvature, image stabilization is not flashing.

4、Ultra-thin light. The characteristics of the LCD with thin thickness, light weight, can be easily splicing and installation. Special 40 inches LCD screen, the weight is only 12.5 KG, the thickness of less than 10 cm, this is can't be matched by other display device.

5、Low consumption, low calorific value. LCD device, low power, low fever has been praised by people. Small size LCD screen costs energy is less than 35W, and the inches over 40 LCD screen, its power is only about 150W, only about a third to one quarter of the plasma.

6、Long time between failures, maintenance cost is low. Liquid crystal display device is the most stable and reliable, because of the heat is small, the device is stable, it will not cause components high temperature damage.