Japan's earthquake impact on the LCD

August 5, 2016

The earthquake in Japan in the northeast, we know that most of the liquid crystal industry related plant distribution in the south and west, are far away from the point of view of geographical distance from the source, does not seem to influence is very big, but to know LCD panel production belong to precision process, even minor earthquake, is also likely to affect the production equipment.



Panasonic, sharp panel factory are distributed in southwest Japan, far from the earthquake center, relatively little damage, no plant and equipment damage, but the world's top two major glass manufacturers and Asahi corning relatively closer from the earthquake zone, the loss is evaluating the earthquake has been preliminary discontinued.


Sharp, Sony to vote heavily built billed as the world's first LCD panel plants factory, located in Osaka city, far from the source, and in manufacturing has fully considered the factors of the earthquake, using a variety of anti-shock measures.Before sharp in Japan issued a statement on its web site, said after the inspection, the factory has not been lost, now factories, Guishan main plant normal operation such as the eight generations.

Another big giant Panasonic panel is the most important, battery plasma display factory and not too much of a loss, now everything is normal, but unfortunately, Shigeru chiba prefecture in Japan original LCD panel factory suffered a loss, but "no fire or building collapse phenomenon".Panasonic is not sure when the factory can resume production, fortunately, Panasonic and factory located in Himeji city in the west of the panel, adjust the capacity configuration should not be too big gap.


Although panel factory did not suffer a great loss, but also not rest easy on behalf of the entire LCD industry, we know that Japan besides LCD panel plants with high generation, what is more important for global provide a large number of upstream components, including the semiconductor wafer, glass, etc., and make the drive circuit is the LCD panel and the necessary accessories.It is understood that the world's top two corning glass manufacturers and xu glass glass factory has certain degree of loss, the corning convenient says the problem is not big, will soon resume production.But luck seems to sent some, Asahi meters in Yamagata prefecture, located in jersey city, engaged in small and medium-sized LCD Glass processing business of AGC Display Glass m jersey factory buildings and equipment are not lethal damage, is gradually resume production.However, as part of the cooperation of the company processing products company building and equipment damage serious condition, production is still not clear when can fully recover.