Large size electronic paper video wall debut production plan

August 5, 2016

PVI (8069) today (25) show 32 32 inch e-paper mosaic wall and for the first time applied to the exterior of the building, the mosaic wall in the Venice Architecture Biennale debut and exhibited in the first half of the year, hope for the future toward the production of goal, chairman Ke Furen will attend exhibits test assembly press conference.

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National Taiwan Museum of fine arts held today "the 15th session of Venice Architecture Biennale, Taiwan Pavilion" 1 than 1 exhibits trial assembly press conference, echoed "Taiwan reproduction - often people to build" theme, PVI special display 32 32 inch e-paper display splicing from the electronic paper as wall and the PVI will be the first time in large size electronic paper should be used for the exterior of the building, the future to mass production as the goal.


The Venice Biennale since 1895 held has over 120 years, for the world's most representative Expo exhibition, Art Biennale and Architecture Biennale respectively in the odd and even numbered years held alternately, Venice Architecture Biennale was first held in 1980, 30 years featuring contemporary the most important architectural concept and thinking, more many famous architects from exhibition fortune became popular in the world. Every two years the Venice Architecture Biennale is the world architecture, art the most watched event, every year attracts more than 50, 000 from around the world architects, designers and artists to visit, leading the trend of architecture and design.


PVI in the fourth quarter of last year because of the substantial rights of gold accounted for and legal circles pass will drive the PVI last year operating a turn from loss to profit, incentive PVI's shares slowly rise, stock price has exceeded 5 day moving average back pressure area. (source: Business Times)