LCD advertising machine application Yu Liansuo stores

October 19, 2016

    LCD advertising machine the spread of advertising show a way to more ads began by domestic began to indoor, outdoor LCD advertising machine function is also increasing. From the beginning of the static display advertising to animation, audio and video and touch operation, LCD advertising machine has become a new fashion advertising products. At the same time, LCD advertising machine is for indoor positioning stores, is like a chain industry, or office buildings and hotels at the front of the venue, can see LCD advertising machine acoustic shadow. And the type of advertising machine is also emerge in endlessly, in fashionable white-collar building advertising machine, there are also suitable for shopping malls and shopping centers of floor type advertising machine. More and more enterprises begin to choose LCD advertising machine as their information promotion tools, their LCD advertising machine is placed in the company or entity shop, for advertising. For the LCD function to our benefits which stores, small make up in that list for you.

   1, enterprise culture and enterprise relevant details.

    Entity shop as a place for the most close to the consumer. Can be found in the store of LCD advertising machine on the corporate culture to introduce dynamic video promo picture posters, such as information, this way of intuitive and informative display is easier to let the customer accepted, can seize the customer's attention, to improve the customer's shopping desire. LCD advertising machine not only can show the enterprise information and can greatly reduce the waste of manpower and material resources.

    2, entity shop sales promotion advertising, to achieve "finishing" of goods to currency.

    Advertising machine relative to the handbill paper propaganda, more high grade. Holiday, anniversary, etc, before significant cuts through LCD advertising machine, to vigorously promote the promotion of products, such as: to something about health preservation and maintenance of knowledge, such as posters to display, dynamic rolling screen video, with perfect quality in advertising machine, more attract the attention of consumers, also make the customer in the purchase of products at the same time can learn more from the information such as health maintenance, to provide customers with more considerate service. In this way, but also to improve the reputation and image of the store.

    3, data and information feedback.

    Now is the age of information, the consumer from entering the store to leave, will have relevant information. Therefore, liquid crystal advertisement machine can install the corresponding software, do some interaction with consumers, and even some questionnaire survey and so on, is advantageous to the product improvement, the development of the enterprise.

    4, product display and experience platform, to increase the trust of the customer.

    Entity shop, can not only to show the products of the company, for customers to understand product information. You can also product raw materials, production processes and techniques in advertising on the show, but to give consumers more trust, more fully understand the source of the products, to enhance consumer trust, enhance the brand image.