LCD advertising machine visual marketing

January 5, 2017

     About the LCD advertising machine visual marketing, I think every businessman is concerned about most is the mechanism of how to use the LCD to make more attractive video content, DDW today take you know how to use the video advertising machine effect to attract more potential customers. If no video advertising machine, only the combination of picture and text language so like people lost is only action, life will be dull without any colour, so it is with the advertising machine, lack of necessary to convey information effectively dimension, appeal and vitality.                   Whatever you want to attract customers attention screen contents or to convey important information, video is more persuasive than words or static image and appeal.

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    The ancients cloud: the fittest can fight, embody the essence of this sentence is we first need to understand what is video, video, dynamic graphics, by static image to speed up the operation into a dynamic video, psychology, points out that people see things will be more inclined to focus on moving objects. The simplest explanation is that video can better express the message, but also the most effective way to directly access the audience attention. According to a study, a comic with a video to 100, 85% of people will choose to watch the video. You can imagine how big is the charm of video.

    After understanding the video watching how visual brings the psychological reaction of the human eye visible light wavelength range from 380 nm to 780 nm range, in this band selective reaction of radiation to the human eye. Due to the stimulation of radiation spectrum is different, make the human eye to produce different color feeling color vision, so the human eye can feel not only external stimuli of light and shade, can feel rich color change things at the same time.     The human eye light feeling of visual efficacy plays an important role to the human eye visual effect is mainly under the condition of the color of light and shade to stimulate problem (spectral response degree), and for the human eye vision mechanism, color stimulus is part of the visual perception are inseparable. People under the condition of light, the light color of visual efficacy in addition to related to the physiological mechanism, the influence of also involves visual psychological and physical reaction, etc.

    After understanding these use LCD advertising machine video marketing is much more convenient, businesses can choose in traffic video marketing stimulation when most potential customers, and eye to attract customers and a bright, unforgettable impression to the customer. When potential customers to video curiosity will naturally and advertising machine interaction, customers in the process of interaction and advertising machine adopted by combination of marketing, so whether it's more convenient, the simplest is often the most effective.

    Advertising machine, of course, also points a lot of kinds of models, merchants must choose according to their own industry consistent advertising machine drunbility, like T advertising machine can realize the interaction effect on the video, according to different industry advertising machine's effect is also different, generally video determines the customer.

    DDW as commercial display solution supplier, engaged in LCD advertising machine in recent 10 years, has a certain accumulation in advertising machine, hope I can help to various industries, we insist on sharing a win-win situation with customers, the cooperative principle of harmonious development, customer success is our biggest motivation.