LCD image splicing screen to help in the hotel industry to upgrade

August 5, 2016

    So much trouble in the hotel owner wants to do better, a hi-tech products have emerged called LCD splicing screen. At that time, all over the country large hotels are crazy LCD splicing screen installation, at the gate of the hotel lobby, hotel rooms, hotel, hotel conference room, hotel, restaurant, everywhere in the LCD splicing screen shadow. In order to attract more people attention, hotel use liquid crystal splicing screen in the doorway, showing a shine, a city become the most dazzling place.

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    And using liquid crystal splicing screen in the lobby, the hall will be more fashionable, noble, can bring more fun, and the official hotel for the customer to broadcast information, more credit to those new ceremony society.with, is a classic luxury best way to deduce. , using liquid crystal splicing screen can let a room in the hotel rooms become VIP cinema, broad vision, high-definition product characteristics of high brightness, bring star clients unique luxury enjoyment. LCD splicing screen can also be used in hotel rooms, improve conference room intelligent function, because now the brand LCD splicing screen, can be arbitrary window roaming, split screen, superposition, and other functions can be more easily management meetings, shows the meeting content, color and fine degree is very good, this is also the LCD splicing screen typical application in the hospitality industry.

    The LCD splicing screen in the application of the hotel industry. At present, in the "travel" and "business" two big consumption under the action of tension, China hotel industry as a whole shows a tendency of rapid growth, at the same time the traditional hotel industry also faces to upgrade. As in the promotion of the position of the global economy in our country, to become the world's new business center, make the international business activities are increasing, it is more for the hotel industry to internationalization, informationization transition bring great pressure.

    Among them, the hotel guests, especially for business guests, on behalf of the brand image, for upgrading function of video equipment demand is higher and higher. And high-definition LCD splicing screen become hotel customers video display terminal is the inevitably choice, it makes the hotel puts glorious greatly, improve quality. With the gradual improvement of the level of informationization in our country development at the same time, especially the pull and influence of Olympics, contest activity, prompting the hotel industry is of the essence of innovation.