LCD screen how to conquer the market?

September 28, 2016

    LCD screen development up to now, from screen to screen, from a single screen to the LCD splicing screen, coupled with Internet + trend, forming a touch smart LCD splicing screen, changeability, along the way is also but always rain or shine just had today's market. Closed-end security to all walks of life from the past, visual management, warehouse management, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to verify the markets have been expanding. Of this technique is transformed from "product is king" "customer is king", close to the consumer demand, the so-called people who market.

    The user experience

    User experience is the best product and service supremely well, making the user experience extreme, exceed customer expectations. With security and intelligent household's marriage, for example, security has to enter civil market, come to People's Daily household life. Grasp the ultimate thinking, I'll need a security man from the shackles of traditional ideas, basic functions from the smart home is comfortable, safety concept, and can put the product polishing than users think well, and can realize the ultimate experience on a particular function. Brand of high quality content is based on numerous excellent products.

LCD splicing of diversification development direction: 3 d, touch, cloud accounting

    With the progress of modern science and technology, liquid crystal splicing display screen gradually realized the ultrathin, super narrow edge, arbitrary, multilayer roaming and so on a series of liquid crystal splicing technology innovation. But as the demand of the digital intelligent, LCD splicing screen will inevitably diversity in the development innovation, in order to meet the demand of the public use. For the technology industry, emerging market never lack of concept of packaging products. The added value of product through ascension to expand profit has become the new trend of liquid crystal splicing screen manufacturers. Such as 3 d, touch, cloud accounting concept constantly being excavated, although sometimes wide screen too much if use touch will seem a bit small, but there is no doubt that this functionality in the application to the KTV hotel is omitted the keyboard, such as convenient operation. Most of the time can not function, and use it every time you can't do without.

    The diversification development direction of liquid crystal splicing screen: popular way of business

    Joining together the popularity of the market, with the emergence of the LCD splicing technology at the same time. The change of the market, in the early stages of LCD products, even until the intermediate stage, did not cause original Mosaic manufacturer enough attention in the industry. Traditional splicing enterprise products continue to remain in the high-end market, not corresponding to the popular products in a timely manner into the emerging field of the market, caused some emerging markets early "brand vacuum". These practitioners are mostly in the field of new enterprises, niche areas lack of influential and appeal of the brand and the leader, market chaos is inevitable. Due to the skills and elements of the product itself, the LCD splicing screen if want to develop the use form of diversification, into the popular stage, must be "customer is king" to expand the market.

    DDW products is from single screen to splice screen, touch screen, digital billboard, wisdom YunBing innovation, market expanding, under the new era and opportunities, more should pay attention to the diversification of products. LCD splicing screen on the market can be said to be through the strict test of the market, to subvert the traditional display screen mode of application of various sizes and technical products in more niche, constantly updating technique is their positive energy, professional and technical is its character.