LCD screen no biggest, only bigger

September 23, 2016

    "Ah, iPhone7 out again." this is a small make up recently frequently heard voices, like the iphone replacement has been a lot of time on the meaning, witnessed the passage of time, such as the next expected iPhone7plus, such as screen is becoming more and more big, the plus version on the market dazzling, not only is the mobile phone, and hid my face in the size of the LCD screen also is developing into a larger size.

    According to market research firm IHS survey pointed out that global public display, commercial display compound annual growth rate of 8.3%, delivery volume is about 4.4 million, 2015, by 2020 will grow to 7.7 million m. In the first three months of this year grew in large-sized public display panels delivery, mainly because of increased education and enterprise market demand, and ship size is to 32 inches, 49 inches larger development, etc. IHS, points out that this year the overall public and commercial display panel also accelerate the larger development, including 60 ~ 69 inches display panel is the most widely used size category, and 70 inch to 79 inch display panel is the size of the most rapid growth category, is applied in the education market, as well as the commercial kanban upright.

    IHS, said display panel technology progress, make consumer applications of the specifications of the panel to ascend, and the end panel prices collapse, makes the general consumer television cheaper. Part of the customer based on cost considerations, also began to apply the general consumer TV panel to commercial use. And monitor brand manufacturers because consumer market saturation monitor, more actively expand business applications market. IHS forecast, the future commercial application displays and the difference between a consumer product will narrow. Digital display board, the public display is mainly used in outdoor, public places, is used to display specific information, advertising messages, and so on. As for the general commercial display, such as near the supermarket shelves, display products, promotion information, are mostly small and medium size panel. But as the market needs and panel prices, large size display prices more populist, more and more large size panel, such as 40 inches, 48, 49 inches panel, etc., the shipment number is rising quickly.

    DDW as big screen industry best display device, liquid crystal splicing wall has been widely used in entertainment, security, transportation, energy, radio and television, and other industries. LCD splicing wall can be used according to different demand, realize the image segmentation of single or multiple screen changed screen function, solve all kinds of flaws of the traditional TV screen, in order to facilitate, comprehensive, real-time display system information, especially for remote real-time command, scheduling and engineering application provides the best big screen display system. For early LCD products, viewing Angle used to be a big problem restricting LCD, but with the constant progress of liquid crystal technology, has been completely solved the problem. Use DID LCD screen LCD splicing wall, its can achieve double Angle of 178 degrees above, has achieved the effect of absolute perspective.