LCD screen really radiation-proof?

September 28, 2016

    In recent years, as a result of the LCD market expanding and hot, many function of the LCD panel in constant progress, also be given seamless splicing, hd resolution, radiation protection, etc. About radiation protection that consumers often do not judge, German authority computer magazine "Macwelt" according to a recent survey shows that although the LCD display radiation much smaller than the ordinary, but because of its high brightness, instead more easy for us to make our eyes become tired and may even lead to headaches and other symptoms.


    In the survey, the researchers tested 10 different brand 19-inch LCD display, both desktops, also have a laptop computer. They found that all the tested liquid crystal display there is high "brightness" problem. The researchers point out that when the brightness of the display to every square metre 100 CD (that is, the unit of luminous intensity "as" Della), will have certain effects on the eyes. And the LCD screen, they test the luminous intensity is more than every square metre 300 CD, CD. Some more CD 400-400.

    Presided over the survey of German computer experts weihai well, "said Dr Not only is the LCD computer, LCD TV, LCD advertising machine and so on also exist the problem. The LCD screen in order to increase the resolution, in addition to the tube by the light of the screen behind improve brightness, also widely used specially "technology" make screen surface looks like a piece of glass, it's very simple sense, but also improved the color contrast and saturation of the screen. However, it will also be like glass reflect light.                  Especially when the light to the screen, can increase the light reflection. Use this display of consumers, it is easy to light "sting", and produce the symptoms of eyes tired, slowly can also cause health problems of decreased vision and headache.


    Is it because it will no longer buy LCD screen? Actually every product in bring convenient at the same time accompanied by subtle faults, LCD screens have been integrated into our life, the function is worth to look forward to, is a power greater than before.


     So, how do you prevent LCD damage to the eyes?

    1. To prevent the light reflection, our eyes and the distance from the screen with 60 centimeters advisable.

    2. General liquid crystal display brightness adjustment function design are, when use, can turn down the brightness as far as possible.

    3. Might as well on the LCD screen with a light reflective LCD screen protection film, which not only can prevent the damage to the LCD screen, can also prevent the light reflection and vertigo.

    4. Might as well choose a new on the market with low reflective liquid crystal display technology of LCD display, emperor ai emperor LCD screen, for example, the design greatly reduces the light damage to the eyes.

    5. If on the display screen for a long time, can buy radiation protection glasses


    DDW think LCD relative to the last century the lion's share of the television, resolution and radiation rate is relatively better, function more and more, the application scope is more and more widely. Now don't have any all appliances can be totally prevent radiation, a good display only can minimize display radiation, at the very least, yet it is not a zero radiation of electronic products, we can do is use some way to prevent radiation.