LCD screen splicing engineering installation considerations

September 5, 2016

    Usually, the focus of multimedia LCD screen splicing display system is divided into four stages, namely: the early stage of the project planning, survey, project implementation and after-sales service. So, in the premise reconnaissance and project implementation is very important step, understanding user needs, survey and the implementation of the project site condition can better LCD screen splicing display system solutions. So, in the prophase investigation and engineering implementation of the installation process we need to pay attention to what?

    Liquid crystal Mosaic manufacturer/science and technology, a project prophase survey and implement key points:

    1, the ground should be flat

    The whole weight of the large screen LCD splicing system is very large, a piece of the machine such as 55 inch LCD splicing screen at least 27 kg weight, and then according to the need of screen and bracket, etc., so the whole LCD screen is very heavy, so if the ground of the installed equipment must first confirm whether it can bear the weight of this, other equipment fixed on the ground of anti-static floor under best, handles to ensure long-term ground deformation.

    2, wiring,

    LCD screen splicing system wiring, want to separate the power cord and signal lines, in order to avoid unnecessary to signal interference; In addition to according to the specifications of the LCD screen, cabinet position, such as signal source location to calculate the number of all kinds of the length of the cable, connector required and signal names, etc. Also confirm with the client, the project of the available line, whether to meet the actual demand, in order to continue to follow-up work.

    3, the reserved clearance

    For the convenience of the after-sales service, after hanging panel and general requirements from the spell outside wall (the up and down or so four sides) reserved about 25 mm per side clearance, large spell wall should also increase the allowance according to the number of columns.

    4, maintenance access

    Maintenance access is for later after-sale service, maintenance access in principle on not less than 1.2 m wide. Removable side bar to pressure screen edge 3-5 mm advisable, and the screen completely after installed the enclosure, and then fixed removable side bar.

    5, and air conditioning

    In the pit lane, must want to install air conditioning or outlet, the ventilation to ensure equipment is in good condition. Should try to stay away from the projection wall outlet position (1 m or so is better), and the outlet of the wind, not directly to the housing to avoid cold hot uneven and damage to the screen. Science and technology professional engineering staff to remind, resistant to avoid damage of the LCD screen, prolong the service life of the LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing screen daily maintenance is very important.

      of course, a complete set of LCD screen splicing systems, in addition to the front screen, will also involve the computer, network, image monitoring, integrated wiring and many peripheral devices, and many other devices, these features also contributed to the LCD screen splicing system install complex, high difficulty, etc. LCD splicing manufacturers focus multimedia technology professional engineering staff has excellent engineering technology, have strong ability of project management and operation, can deal with all kinds of flexible installation project. Perfect engineering installation mechanism are highly recognized and appreciated by our clients.