LCD splicing big screen for the future development should pay attention to environmental protection

November 1, 2016

    Environmental protection more and more important in our life, and liquid crystal splicing screen to achieve environmental protection can bring us very good effect, energy saving province is the biggest characteristic. We should advocate low carbon development of low power consumption. In this appeal to the green era of environmental protection, low energy consumption as the LCD splicing screen manufacturers, we need to keep in mind that their corporate social responsibility, will be to "green" concept, to energy conservation and environmental protection has been hold on, to walk in the forefront of the market. Since 2010 to low-power, low harmful substance content, long service life LED back light products as a main line of product development, this year is to launch the LCD splicing series all green LED display products. Hope to meet the user demand for products of energy saving low carbon era.

    LCD splicing in the development of the future, should pay attention to the LED back light technology and the development of LCD splicing technology, often displays on the market at present is based on large screen LCD splicing technology, and most of the LCD splicing screen using LED back light. The LCD splicing screen low carbon environmental protection will be not far from us. LCD splicing technology constantly updated, making the LCD splicing the demand of the market changes, in the past two years, a large screen size has also appeared in pluralism, the focus of the LCD splicing products is also concentrated in the large size and sew. Today, the development of 46 inch LCD splicing screen, and flat-fell seam is shrinking. Expect the future development of large size will be welcome.

    In environmental protection low carbon development at the same time, as the LCD splicing screen manufacturers, also will be a solid liquid crystal splicing screen market. Seize the opportunity, meet the challenge. DDW r&d technique strength is strong, continuous innovation, in the field of new products and new concepts first, bold breakthrough, beyond the self designed to meet the customer's business environment, audience at the same time, the use of target. And the LCD splicing market will also along with the diversification of user requirements stimulate a broader market. As a professional supplier of LCD splicing DDW and will continuously breakthrough, bring different visual display for the user.