LCD splicing screen for the future development direction - seamless large size

March 9, 2017

    In recent years, liquid crystal splicing large screen has been the development of the market very quickly, some security in the current project, LCD splicing time series with its advantages and popular, is regarded as the best terminal display device, especially in some big security project, due to the complexity of system architecture, function integration, LCD splicing system become the indispensable show platform.

    Applications, the LCD splicing screen advantage in can be used according to different user needs, realize the image segmentation of single or multiple screen changed larger function: single partition display, single separate display, any combination, full screen, LCD splicing, double stitching LCD splicing screen, vertical screen display, image border optional compensation or cover, support for digital signal of roaming, scaling stretching, across the screen display, all kinds of display program up and running, full hd signal real-time processing.

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    At the same time, LCD splicing screen also has the following advantages: 1, low power consumption, light weight; 2, easy installation, can be arbitrarily splicing; Late 3, long service life, low maintenance cost; 4, no radiation, screen brightness uniformity, good quality; 5, large viewing Angle.

    With the continuous development of cities, and peace, wisdom, and overseas market demand is becoming more and more strong, the main application field for liquid crystal display (LCD) security industry maintained a very good development momentum, share in the security industry LCD splicing screen will gain tremendous room for growth. A certain period of time, the security application will display industry growth is the main driving force, natural and display of the enterprise important nuggets point.

    Currently, high-definition, intelligent and networking is the development mainstream of display devices, the current in the project in the engineering application of splicing screen quality, size, brightness and ease of installation and operation, have more stringent requirements, more intuitive, more monitoring effects be required; According to the current situation, we can be seen from joining together the market performance of domestic products, it will enter the diversified development of its main performance has the following several aspects:

, seamless, in recent years, along with the progress of the splicing technology of liquid crystal splicing screen flat-fell seam bottleneck substantive breakthrough unceasingly, the liquid crystal splicing screen products have bilateral flat-fell seam can be control in the industry with the lowest 1.8 mm, fully guarantee the integrity of the picture.

    Second, the large size, mainly is a single piece of the size of the screen will be a breakthrough. This large size can reduce splicing unit, and can reduce the seam on the whole picture of "cutting", improve the whole picture, this is a development trend of the future.

    Three, modular and intelligent, ultra-thin splicing display device on the installation application has a strong advantage, make the installation and operation more convenient. But as a special display device, its installation and debugging is quite complex and important link. In daily application in order to realize the function of the system, often need equipped with other equipments, such as matrix, distributor, cables and so on. At present, many manufacturers are trying to make the installation structure becomes simple. Therefore, the structure of the existing enterprises to adopt advanced modular design, such as built-in high-performance splicing processing module, and other unique technology, such as built-in digital matrix, makes the installation, management of the splicing display system is very convenient. In order to facilitate the operation of the system and management, splicing screen products will in technology into the design of more intelligent.

    Four, digital Gao Qinghua and networked, high-definition monitor era, if the system terminal display devices cannot achieve Gao Qinghua, digital and networked, even achieve seamless and large size is in vain. So, splicing screen Gao Qinghua digitization and network also display equipment manufacturer competition has become the top priority.

Nowadays, with the progress of splicing technology, 3 d technology, touch technology in recent years, cloud computing, 4 k showed, roaming the superposition and a series of performance on the LCD splicing screen. Liquid crystal splicing screen has been in the network, intelligent, Gao Qinghua development constantly meet new user needs; At the same time, the LCD splicing screen cost has been reduced, to some extent, for the LCD splicing screen into done good matting, public display field its promising prospects.