LCD splicing screen mainstream development: hd and touch

September 30, 2016

    The rapid development of large screen, especially the emergence of the LCD splicing technology, led large screen level one step, under the impetus of the mainstream technology, liquid crystal splicing screen products have been is the leading role of display devices, stand on a different point of view, considering the basis points, also have the difference, in future development, the DDW think, hd and touch LCD splicing screen will become the mainstream of development.

    Listed on the LCD splicing screen, the main LCD splicing of hd, but it is not just a high-definition, more major is showed images of perfect for users, so it will be in the development of a standard, the manufacturer's point of view, the selling point of hd, touch will be the manufacturer. And the attractive function will also is the customer's buy some.

    Hd has gradually became popular in the big screen, and touch, in the development are exploring the DDW that touch will be the trend. Under the push of domestic technology, liquid crystal Mosaic products have been in multiple industries appeared in public places, it is composed of the original display product evolution for the visualization of information integrated platform, touch products will become very strong demand in the market. At present, the existing part of the vendor's touch splicing walls began to come out, manufacturer for LCD splicing touch products market has a lot of confidence.

    Touch products, but also are popular with consumers, like a touch of mobile phone products has become the mainstream of development, then for the LCD splicing screen, also will certainly have a good market. So, with the center of DDW vendors will have the confidence to touch products in the development of the market, DDW will also continue to improve technology, better products to meet the consumers.