LCD splicing screen PK traditional LCD televisions

October 9, 2016

    In general now display market flowers bloom, colorful, really is to let a person too many things to see, dazzling. As business information network, intelligent, social. More and more middle-end factory using display products to brand promotion, differentiation marketing, collect or transmission of business information. Now in the domestic market the most large, joining together the fire has become the hottest LCD splicing screen, they are the best, most in need of a friend. But there are many clients non-traditional security industry professional customer, just know the product name, only stay on such a concept, instinctively think LCD splicing screen is pretty much the same.


    LCD splicing screen with traditional LCD television screen is the biggest difference between industrial manufacturing. LCD TV for half of the family, and LCD splicing screen for industrial engineering. LCD TV work play continuously for 48 hours will fail, and liquid crystal splicing screen can play continuously for 365 days. Use ordinary LCD TV LCD liquid crystal screen the service life of the back light for 10000 to 30000 hours, and the service life of DDW LCD splicing screen back light can be up to 100000 hours, this ensures that every piece of the LCD panel used in the splice screen after long time using the brightness, contrast and color consistency, and ensure the service life of the screen not less than 50000 hours.

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    Liquid crystal splicing screen and liquid crystal TV is used as a display image signal, but the performance, structure of the two totally different. First LCD TV screen and liquid crystal splicing of display screen is not the same, a screen to the LCD splicing, to higher than LCD TV screen technology parameter. Made of liquid crystal screen plate LCD splicing screen play high brightness of the picture is different obviously, under the high brightness of the picture color, level obvious distortion. Another LCD splicing screen using parallel high-speed image processing technology, realized the unification of the multi-channel high speed video signal processing, fundamentally to replace the plug-in stitching controller, solve the problem of the VGA signal input quantity is limited.


    LCD splicing screen it will with the most excellent high definition, high brightness and high color gamut of liquid crystal display technology, the embedded hardware splicing technology, multiple screen image processing technology, such as signal switching technology, forming the most advanced LCD splicing display system. LCD splicing wall is an entirely new way of large screen splicing, its indefinitely splicing.


    Liquid crystal display technology after years of development, already has an important role in the field of liquid crystal splicing display. Splicing screen with lightweight, ultra-thin, low power consumption, no radiation, high-definition, long life and low maintenance cost advantages of prominent one. LCD splicing screen with LCD display as the basic unit, set the newest liquid crystal display technology and pure hardware high-speed real-time splicing control technology in one, all of the input signal is free to display in the window display wall, fully support across the screen image, roaming, picture in picture, superposition, scaling and other high-end display function.


    DDW think its controller to display tailored, special plane, can maximum limit display unit efficiency into full play. LCD splicing screen image clarity, flexible combination, shows rich content, can give users the biggest free space design, provide the display effect of shock. And liquid crystal TV can only show half simple picture, although also came out some LCD TV on the market, but from the interface, types of signal, to distinguish is not equivalent to that of liquid crystal splicing screen.