LCD video wall, a trend display of The Times.

March 14, 2018

    Science and technology change life, but also shape the era of prosperity, especially the application of liquid crystal display (LCD) as a typical representative of the new era of science and technology to create, is the badge of horizontal series of streets, more and more popular in daily life and production activities, also reflects the application of liquid crystal display (LCD) positive significance of social creativity.

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    For liquid crystal display (LCD), with high light, image lifelike vivid, plasticity and high quality display characteristics such as low power consumption, and promote its application form filled with diversity, as in the display screen of the commercial street, become the marketing tool for businesses, the stars twinkling in the play on stage, speaking of the platform in the studio, conference room intelligent display system, media advertising, retail display wall system of touch screen and so on, the application of the liquid crystal display (LCD) are filled with high-end breath from all walks of life, become a highlight in modern times powerful high-tech applications.

    Obtained due to the popularity of LCD technology is more widely used in space, in this premise, more exciting, liquid crystal display (LCD), artificial intelligence, in the big data cloud applications on emerging technologies such as depth fusion, let the liquid crystal display (LCD) to the system, intelligent sensor, light and fast application mode brings to the society in all aspects of production and life of greater changes and surprises, will comprehensively implement show large-scale, diversified, and high precision, high automation intelligent integrated system bring new form of life.

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    Also can say that the new era of liquid crystal display (LCD), as a social diversified information window, bearing the mission of the people and the common progress of the society, will be injected fresh energy to the relevant industries in the field of commercial, bring convenient interaction experience in life, will be a sign of the most fashionable tide!

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