Lead to waterproof advertising machine price difference of the three main reasons

December 30, 2016

    Enter the information age, advertising machine as a new information communication platform in the field of multimedia cuhk shine, is widely used in high-grade building, hotels, shopping malls, chain stores, Banks, hospitals, airports, subway, bus and other public places. Outdoor, puts forward high demands on advertising machine hardware configuration, waterproof is one of the most important indicator.

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    On the market, full of beautiful things in eyes of waterproof advertising machine, price and uneven, the corresponding quality also have high low. Exactly what factors affect the price of the waterproof advertising machine, and these factors and what kind of effects on the quality, the following by waterproof advertising machine specialized business units - the DDW stretch for you.

    Waterproof advertising machine is mainly composed of liquid crystal screen, driver version, decoder board, power supply. Waterproof advertising machine prices are decided by these components.

    Lead to waterproof advertising machine price difference of the three main reasons:

    1, the LCD panel prices.

    Domestic nature is much more expensive than the small screen, and new and second-hand LCD screen water drops in the price a few hundred dollars, this is what we see when buying products, must be used in the product after a period of time to understand. Material on the LED screen brightness is higher than that of the LCD, display effect is good, price is expensive.

    2, the difference of the system software.

    Online advertising confidential than stand-alone waterproof expensive advertising machine, among them, the system determines the differences between the use function of waterproof network advertising machine, starnet, android, X86 system software are distinguishing. A10 DDW android version of the advertisement machine using android system, operation quality, convenient operation has a slight higher than similar products, price is higher also.

    3, the application function of strong or not.

    General waterproof advertising machine features a single, only to meet the demand of product screening is much cheaper. Especially in today's technology with each passing day, with the diversification of demand, the same, on the functional requirements on waterproof advertising machine also become diversified. There are appropriate bank waterproof advertising machine and requirements applicable to shopping malls, government buildings. Structure shape, the "internal strength" is the key! Multi-point touch screen, 3 d glasses in recent years, such as virtual dressing technology from time to time, let's find everything new and fresh. That, of course, is to build on the basis of the waterproof advertising machine price.