LED backlight ultra bright LCD splicing screen is introduced

October 26, 2016

    LCD splicing screen back light source directly affects the brightness of the LCD splicing screen, the current high brightness LCD splicing screen has been widely used. Common liquid crystal splicing screen back light is divided into two kinds: one kind is backlight CCFL tubes, another is the LED backlight.

In general, a backlit LCD screen brightness CCFL tubes in 100 ~ 200 CD/m2, the brightness of the two CCFL tube backlit LCD screen in 200 ~ 300 CD/m2, with an increase in the number of the tubes, brightness can be increased. But by increasing the number of tubes to increase the LCD panel brightness at the same time, also increases the power consumption of the LCD screen. All aspects of the ascension, which would help the working life of the LCD splicing screen longer.

    LED backlight refers to using LED (light emitting diode) for LCD back light. And traditional CCFL (cold cathode tube) back light, LED with low power consumption and low calorific value, high brightness, long life and other characteristics. And ordinary LED backlit LCD screen brightness can reach more than 300 CD/m2, increase power LED lights, brightness can meet the requirements of the sun visible brightness - more than 500 CD/m2 brightness, this can be in the sun visible LCD screen commonly known as super Bright LCD screen (Ultra Bright LCD Panel). At present, the LCD splicing screen mostly adopted LED back light, brightness can reach 700 CD/m2.

    Ordinary CCFL tube backlit LCD screen in more than 20 ~ 30 w power consumption, increase the number of tubes, increased brightness, power consumption is also multiplied. And the LED backlit LCD power consumption are only a few watts, improve power leds, increase brightness, power consumption increase is not big.

    Using LED backlighting can make the color more bright-coloured, ultra-thin appearance, energy conservation and environmental protection to reduce power consumption, long service life, high display contrast more clear. Liquid crystal splicing screen using the LED back light makes the picture clearer, higher contrast, life and growth, good color saturation, makes the LCD splicing screen won the love of consumers in the market.