Led video wall processor

September 1, 2016

Product Description


Multiple signal HDMI/DVI/VGA/AV/YPBPR input output

1920x1080 input and output each channel

Hardware modularized design



Key Features
1. Full hardware configuration without operating system
2. High-speed bus parallel processing technology, high-bandwidth uncompressed processing
3. Real time image display, no dropped frames
4. Support display at arbitrary position, at any size and any superimposed
5. Support open-window effects processing
6. Support large-screen image freeze
7. Support 7*24 uninterrupted and stable working
8. Flexibility to increase the input/output board
9. Support partial input and output cards with mixed interpolation
10. Input/output card supports hot-swappable, plug-and-play functionality
11. Output resolution up to 1920*1200
12. Rich BNC, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI and RJ45 input interface, support for multiple resolutions up to 1920*1200,control via RS-232 or Ethernet
13. Support memory card or network transmission ultra-high-definition pictures, peer-to-peer ultra-high-definition mosaic wall background image
14. Redundant power supply design, thermostatically controlled fan
15. Chassis backplane + plug-in configuration, excellent performance for radiating, anti-dust chassis, equipped with replaceable air filter can be stable for a long time, even in harsh environments




55inch lcd video wall Technical Specifications

Model series With CBD No CBD

Function description 4channel CBD,16channel AV, 12channel VGA/DVI input, 6U case supports 12 screens arrays, compatible with ultra-high resolution 4000/(8000)x2000 Dynamic background image 16channel AV,16channel VGA/ DVI input,6U case supports 16screens arrays

Input signal(optional) HDMI/DVI/VGA/AV/YPbPr

Input resolution 1024x768~1080p,commonly used resolutions

Output signal format DVI/VGA/AV/YPbPr/HDMI(DVI-HDMI converter)

Output resolution Up to 1920*1200/60HZ

System control software Special control software

Power Supply Redundant power supply 110-220VAC, 50/60Hz

Consumption 12W/channel

Working temperature -20°C——60°C

Working Humidity 5-95%

Case specification 4U/6U/10U/15U standard rackmount chassis

Serial Control Interface RS-232,9-pin female, Type-D

Baud Rate 115200

Pin configuration 2=TX,3=RX,5=GND

Ethernet control interface RJ-45 female, TCP/IP

Ethernet control speed Auto 10M or 100M,Full-duplex or half-duplex

Working time 365*7*24hrs

Technical specification of input/output connectors

VGA/RGB input Input: 15pin HD D-Sub, female

Sync mode: HV independent sync

Color Depth: 32bit/pixel

Resolution: 640*480/60HZ—1920*1200/60HZ

Input impedance :75Ω

Video input Input connector: BNC

Detecting: full-format auto detecting

Input impedance :75Ω

VGA or DVI output Resolution:1024*768/60HZ-1920*1200/60HZ

Color depth: 32bit/pixel

Output impedance:75Ω

Physical properties of input/output connectors

Signals Connectors Type

Composite VIDEO input BNC female

VGA input 15 pin HD D-Sub female

VGA output 15 pin HD D-Sub female

DVI output 24+5 or 24+1 standard female

AUX RS-232 9-pin D-Sub female

Main RS-232 9-pin D-Sub female



55inch lcd video wall can be widely used for: monitoring, directing, scheduling system, public security, fire, military, weather, rail, and aviation monitoring system, video conferencing, query systems.