LG super narrow digital signage video wall helps Guizhou Expressway

August 5, 2016

With the construction of public infrastructure hit a new high, and now, the transportation industry has become a new hot spot for digital signage applications. Terminal display equipment as an important part of traffic information, intelligent monitoring, information display and other forms are widely used. In order to improve work efficiency and enhance safety. Recently, Shenzhen DDW successful introduction of more than 300 Taiwan LG digital signage as a large screen video wall, Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd provide strong and effective monitoring display system and high-quality service.

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Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd is affiliated with the Guizhou Provincial Department of transportation, which is responsible for the development, construction and operation of the expressway in Guizhou. Since the highway in 2012 the company under the jurisdiction of the Guizhou Province one after another into the peak period and transformation period of the road, monitor and command center as the core of the transformation project, mainly to 4 x 15 of 55 inch bright splicing screen mainly. The stationed in Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd LG drow effective display solving scheme greatly improves the working efficiency of the staff, by the unanimous recognition.


3.5mm ultra narrow seam to create the perfect solution for display

LG digital signage with hard IPS panel, more breakthrough will display the patchwork reduced to 3.5mm, effectively increase the display area at the same time, perfect retention of the completeness and accuracy of the picture, the powerful shock video mosaic wall for users bring truly perfect information display solutions. Also equipped with LG's unique trumotion refresh technique, the refresh frequency to 60Hz, can effectively reduce the dynamic picture fuzzy, jitter, ghosting and other effects, even if is of large size mosaic picture display dynamic images can also guarantee the same smooth and natural. To monitor the staff to provide a clear and realistic monitoring of the impact of information, reduce visual impact, improve the integrity of the screen, increase the accuracy of monitoring, by the Guizhou Expressway Group staff.


At the same time, to ensure the image of integrity, LG LV series provides automatic calibration function, LG can easily and automatically mediation video wall white balance, so as to effectively save the installation of the consumption of manpower and time cost and ensure the monitoring content of the big screen to show the best results.