LGD launched 111 inches splicing screen with curved surface

August 5, 2016

LG Displayshowed off the 111 inches, double side, in the form of 'S' wave shaped screen onthe u-shaped IFA2015 exhibition recently.Let's have a look at the details about the screen.

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The display is composed of 3 pieces of 65 inch UHD (resolution 3840x2160) surface OLED splicing, the wave shape is not only unique, but also at the same time both sides display screen.


At the same time,LG Display also showed a commercial 55 inch double-sided display. Its thickness is about 5.3mm, which is thinner than the latest smart phone, whose weight is only 12kg, can be adapted to a variety of scenes of attachment display, for example, can be attached to the ceiling, the wall column or wall.


In addition, LG Display shows a thickness of only 1mm 55 inch OLED wallpaper, with magnetic, like wallpaper as "paste" on various surface, effectively saves the space.


LG Display CEO Han Xiangfan said in the opening speech, OLED has the structure of self luminescence properties, and thus can show full color. Through the material of innovation, OLED can achieve flexible (Flexible/Roll-able) and transparent display (Transparent) and other forms, human imagination in the future can be achieved through the OLED. Display LG will increase the intensity of the product in the imagination. Such as in sunglasses and hoop can be wearable devices, and even the classroom table, the car windows, building walls are added to the display, OLED will in more areas tocreate higher added value.


So from this double-sided surface OLED display, can we see the future development trend of LED equipment market?