Liquid crystal splicing screen failure, both inside and outside and repair the old driver

October 20, 2016

    Machine used for a long time there is always this or that kind of fault, big or small, big fault to find manufacturers, small fault actually can repair it himself. Small make up a firm: not DDW as LCD splicing screen manufacturers old driver, proficient in LCD screen from the whole process of research and development to production to sales and after-sales, today will be the LCD splicing screen inside and outside and repair tips to tell you.


    External failure phenomenon elimination method


    1. No electricity, black screen:

    (1) when the machine appear the phenomenon first check the power plug, socket, wiring for loose, switch (OSD button or remote control) is open;

    (2) if the machine is equipped with a timer timer will be expected to see the red light and green light is lit at the same time, if only the red indicator light and green light is not on, the clock Settings might be the problem, only the clock set up correctly, see (operation instruction) fault can be ruled out;

    (3) the timing function, such as machine software is to check the software clock is set correctly (see instructions).


    2. Have images without sound

    Check to see if the sound is set to minimum or silent mode, resetting the volume model. (see instructions) such as offline, no sound, first check to see if external voice line is damaged, the connection is correct.


    3. Don't read CF card

    CF card in the documentation is not correct, re-established LOOP document; Encryption machine needs to be encrypted advertising (see instructions)


    4. If the above method can't eliminate your problems, refer to see two internal fault phenomenon elimination method.



    The phenomenon of internal fault elimination method


    1. No electricity (black screen) : it could be the built-in power bad or bad driving plate machine; Screening methods: check the power supply output is normal, such as poor power supply have no output is to confirm the power, if the output power is normal, it is likely to be driven plate undesirable.


    2. The flower screen: within an area appears on the LCD splicing screen does not display or display abnormal has been known as a screen; Screening methods: check in whether the LCD splicing of signal transmission lines on the screen, the phenomenon such as separation caused by poor contact, such as this case insert signal lines and is fixed, and view the problem is solved; If there is no bad the situation may be the LCD panel.


    3. The dark screen (screen no display, the splash screen) : ads when splicing screen has been in a black screen, dark screen, the situation such as the splash screen is called the dark screen. Method: check the power supply output is normal, such as power supply output voltage instability (voltage value not reached 11 ~ 12 v) can confirm the power, if the output power is normal, it need to be replaced by the driven plate and the inverter, until the troubleshooting.


    4. Don't read the card, such as the external cause of the problem doesn't exist, need to change the decoding board (board).


    5. No signal: electric screen appears when no signal, called no signal. Elimination method: check the internal video line and the input to the 5 v power supply cord decoder board is loose, if there is no this phenomenon need to replace decoding board or driver board, after the change and see whether the fault disappear.


    6. After electrify screen automatic cycle of red, green, and blue images, such as elimination method: loose signal lines or driver board.


    DDW called for everybody, with these small methods, don't worry about the LCD splicing screen small problems with looking for maintenance, as long as understand carefully read these methods, to solve the problem of the small the LCD splicing screen can begin, even if can't solve can also make a preliminary judgment, the problem of the engaged in the maintenance cost, do not do the small white.