Liquid crystal splicing screen the new direction of users

September 29, 2016

    Fast, with the development of the DDW LCD splicing screen is made up of ordinary black and white monitor evolution, relative to the black and white monitor, LCD splicing screen color more clearly, not only pixels higher, better stability and longer service life. LCD splicing screen can be single use consists of dozens of sets of LCD splicing screen splicing, a comprehensive use of course by combination of LCD liquid crystal splicing screen splicing splicing wall must be used in the security system of large. In order to meet the needs of users, the LCD splicing screen going Gao Qinghua, intelligent and networked.


    With the development of the society, the safety of users of DDW LCD splicing screen is becoming more and more high, therefore, the liquid crystal splicing screen to get a high speed development, at present, the LCD splicing screen has been widely used in the transportation sector, financial, commercial exhibition, the exhibition, radio and television, entertainment, business, government units and other places, and with the ascension of the LCD splicing technology, falling prices, more and more small businesses also have the ability to inherit the LCD splicing screen price, began to build their own monitoring system, to achieve security requirements.

    DDW LCD splicing time the rapid development of the main factors


    1, as a special screen splicing display device, liquid crystal splicing screen installation and debugging is often is a relatively tedious process and important link. Relative to the DLP and other heavy display device, light the LCD splicing screen display device is an important advantage, can greatly reduce maintenance costs.


    2, LCD splicing system has struck, high resolution, can open the window display at the same time multiplex signals, a window to roam and characteristics of the overlay, can provide users with flexible and vivid pictures showed.


    3, any combination, and flexible freedom. LCD splicing screen combination has a great deal of space, the small screen LCD splicing unit used as a whole screen, also can do a single screen LCD splicing can also be a pair of M * N full screen, the screen size can also be mixed assembly.


    4, long life, low cost, mature technology, the service life of up to 60000 hours, guarantee system for a long time continuous work.


    5, liquid crystal splicing screen seam width narrowing, lower cost will continue to expand the low-end users.


    As domestic LCD splicing screen gradually improve, people's living standards rising, home users demand for security is gradually increased, in the next few years, many LCD splicing screen manufacturers take a bigger share of priority, technology innovation and providing the humanized service, after all, nobody will like poor quality, after-sales service is bad LCD splicing screen manufacturers.


    Because the LCD video monitoring system on security, crime prevention have the effect of cannot be underestimated, as the LCD splicing screen prices lower, the rising of the people's living standard, individual users to the growing demand for home security will lead to the development of liquid crystal splicing screen. Home users will become the LCD splicing screen in emerging markets, and is expected to show significant growth in the next few years.


    DDW, in view of the above problem, starts from oneself, the banner of firm product quality, adhere to technological innovation, is committed to become the industry benchmark, contribute to the development of industry. On technical innovation, the look should not be limited to their own technological innovation, but the innovation direction of cross-border, particularly with the fusion of Internet technology; On the market service, niche applications, detailed market services, to provide customers better products and services.