Liquid crystal splicing screen with VGA hd collection card is perfect hd display device

October 26, 2016

    Screen splicing advanced technology is widely used, the entire screen splicing functions such as network roaming and image superposition, on a big screen of any function, the joining together of multi-channel signal input, and in the liquid crystal splicing screen under the normal operation of convenient operation, joined the central controller to splicing wall, matrix, the conference terminal control. According to below DDW for many years to introduce the experience of VGA acquisition card in the use of liquid crystal splicing screen, and what kind of effect in the LCD splicing screen.

    Hd VGA acquisition card also can be said to be the video acquisition card, when it comes to hd VGA acquisition card, it is related to the LCD splicing screen display system, hd display device is important in a feature, in order to satisfy a variety of VGA display device can be displayed on the screen, a single itself by a screen splicing machine operation ability is insatiable, which requires the screen splicing device can receive various signals and integrated display output to the screen, is one of the two kinds of VGA, DVI signal, simply put, is to put the other workstations the information displayed by the screen splicing display on the screen, this function will need to use the VGA acquisition card, for some graphic or video playback workstation for hd VGA acquisition card requirements will be high, such as 1920 * 1080204 * 1080204. Which would require VGA acquisition card, not only can collect the high resolution, also requires a high speed, high frames.

    Large screen display system is dependent on the VGA acquisition card, such as liquid crystal splicing screen if broadcast live in video conference system, use a VGA acquisition card or collection box for a live screen, screen clear a lot, and the use of VGA acquisition card can also multimedia teaching and distance education. And VGA acquisition card it can handle a special video format, with VGA acquisition card or code acquisition box with streaming media software, real-time acquisition, coding into streaming media format, on the streaming media server for everyone on demand. Some video files, set the file format is a development company, other software companies can't directly to its processing. Can use the acquisition card or code acquisition box with streaming media software, encoded into small size of the streaming media format with VGA acquisition card or collection box to collect it into uncompressed AVI file form, for editing. So as to realize LCD splicing big-screen high-definition display effect, achieve the best resolution.

    VGA hd collection card from any stitching big screen with warranty card, cooperate with the VGA signal acquisition card, and other various screen graphics display more products, can be used in a variety of screen splicing more applications. So as to achieve good video effect, achieve high-resolution images. VGA hd acquisition card has been widely used in liquid crystal splicing screen, believe in the future time, it will be very good to cooperate with LCD splicing large screen to create a perfect display device.