Liquid crystal splicing technology embedded controller parsing

November 7, 2016

    LCD splicing screen is not exist independently, the use of liquid crystal splicing screen all need through its various parts and components, LCD splicing screen as the display device, the principle and general displays very much the same. LCD splicing screen in use typically use spell near controller, embedded stitching controller generally only technicians are often contact, but can also be too much for the users know the LCD splicing the structure of the screen.

    LCD splicing system consists of liquid crystal splicing display unit, LCD splicing bracket, LCD splicing of controller and the signal source, and liquid crystal splicing controller is divided into inner and outer controller, and built-in is called built-in embedded LCD splicing, embedded splicing is also called "Mosaic" "LCD splicing unit" "big screen splicing unit" "built-in joining together" "stitching processor", "back small bags" is specially used for liquid crystal panel, integrated with LCD drive, power supply, image display and serial port control; All signals through hardware processing, more stable and reliable, the startup time is shorter, prevent virus interference, affordable.

    Embedded principle of joining together the original picture of the entire a transmitted signal arithmetic processor, arithmetic processor in the form of ID address encoder began locking their place in the female images, in binary BCD order (BCD horizontal coordinates: from left to right, vertical coordinates and BCD: from top to bottom) began operation cut into more child, the processor will each operation good data directly to the LCD driver board, driver board will color, brightness, contrast after the calibration parameters, such as in an LVDS transmission to LCDIC imager to form images. Because the embedded splicing device USES the hardware architecture of digital image processing technology each time only one type of signal processing, so don't need a more powerful CPU core to operation channel signal. Simple single image splicing function for some customers only need large screen display provides a very flexible and convenient, to the current configuration has irreplaceable position when the LCD splicing screen but this spell type splicing device within just internal display pixel processing unit, the result is a synthetic images, high resolution cannot solve the signal splicing and signal processing, more than any size at any position window is more applications in a single signal of promotional display and according to the unit or adjacent units splicing more simple image processing applications.

    Embedded stitching controller does not generally used alone, it mainly is to configure the display equipment work together, an embedded LCD splicing screen splicing device is the most suitable parts. In the actual application can also be replaced by the peripheral image processor. Been widely used by embedded splice LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing controller pictures big, strong visual impact, has the very good display, demonstration, advertising, publicity effect. So, whether the LCD splicing screen which component, is playing an important role, to make the LCD splicing screen effect more perfect. DDW specializing in the production of liquid crystal splicing screen, the LCD splicing screen the most professional supplier in China, as a professional supplier shall have the duty to let customers better understand the working principle of liquid crystal splicing parts professional technical guidance, the customer must be satisfied. And as a user, can also be appropriate to understand its principle, in order to better prepare pick stitching screen.