Look from the film and television play according to the world

October 24, 2016

    On December 28, 1895, the French the lumiere brothers "coffee shop" for the first time in Paris with his invention of projection photography combination machine showing a film of railway station, marked the film was born. Western movie in Shanghai, China in August 1896, the film for the first time appear in people's field of vision.

    From black and white silent film to the colorful, experienced a relatively long process, the process for film technology, is a technical innovation progress of history, but for film actors, is a challenge to the performing arts is more exquisite. Black and white silent film by the most classic comedy master Chaplin's performance. Chaplin in his exaggeration, funny performance brought joy to the people, has won numerous audience's affection. Along with the advance of technology, as more and more high to the requirement of the performing arts, Chaplin this some exaggeration on pure performance gradually, people to the requirements of the film is more realistic or the status quo of the sublimation of life. In terms of film technology innovation, the innovation of screening machines is one of the big step forward. Black and white to color, but also people a colorful colorful life world, silent to sound, give people a clear communication, have the courage to express the language of the world. The screening machine step by step forward, from the light projector, projector, laser to LED LCD, step by step, the actors more clearly on the vision of people.


    Once someone described her career as follows: the acting is crazy, the theater is a fool. 4 k, high-definition LCD, everyone is not a fool, and the movements of the actors, or even a subtle expression, a drop of sweat, tears, has been magnified under the clear liquid crystal display to see, so now the actors are "acting", "level" in appearance. The cry face not enough pain, tears come out too slow, nervous when performance of natural clear enough, not emotional performance in place... Or not enough professional actors, I started out at the cinema hd screen under infinite fun by people, but if you have a yan, can give people the enjoyment of pleasure on the visual sense of, is, of course, for very personal points of a point. Before the god of drama "the crown princess promotion", there is no limit of ridicule, but make people keep, somebody else is poor, one of the poorest in the history of the cast no, just rely on appearance level hold up a piece of god. LCD hd display like a magnifying glass - the proportion of the shape of the actors, the skeleton and skin are watching all the people. When hit the heart-pounding step by step, advertising screen everywhere propaganda, face what blain blain, acne, adipose bead, such as the strainght under high definition screen advertising machine, be ruthless "sell". Look at the recent again after you from the stars "world-class" husband "Song Zhong and goddess of Korean dramas starring song hye kyo descendant of the sun, under the domestic advertising machine we ZhongGe the handsome face and a sexy shape, delicate skin, can the... Qiao Mei fully show old goddess temperament, HOLD all kinds of style, is appearance level as acting pie. In the acting skill is not enough, appearance level to gather together in the world, if you don't have the special skill points, don't blame the LCD splicing screen you "sell" too thoroughly. By liquid crystal displays, of course, there is more than actor, to "sell" there is not enough careful.      Poking fun at the shot of god, such as the first time for a movie "charlotte pains, attentive viewer found the movie theater there are several switch can't connect, charlotte word the cover of the book in his hand disappeared, somehow appear on the blackboard" not dozen don't step on the teacher "several characters, and so on... It's all hd LCD splicing screen under too much clear picture of "bad", it brings a comprehensive, high-definition, 360 - degree has impact and shocking visual enjoyment.

    Now, the LCD splicing within the industry, but also a continuous, constant technical innovation, DDW LCD splicing, anti-aliasing stream processing technology and so on a series of front end technology, reduction of classics, high-definition screen. In order to give people a high definition, no real horizon brings to the cinema to watch the user a better visual experience; The whole watch barrier-free, acting endless appearance level.