Look from the shenzhen metro line 11 LCD splicing the importance of the screen

September 6, 2016

    On June 28, 2016, Yu Wanzhong of expectation, with domestic top level aura appearance of shenzhen metro line 11 coming slowly towards us. Today, although has officially opened nearly two months, but citizens friend no less heat, attention to it, many citizens have traveled from afar, just to see the ground. Line 11 is shenzhen article 6 of the operation of the new subway line, also known as "airport line", is the shenzhen metro line no. 1 Edison lobao, a new a line from the center of shenzhen to baoan. Train from shenzhen futian head out after 15 minutes into the sea before, 30 minutes to the airport, 1 hour to reach deep guan border. Today, shenzhen metro line 11 in harvest a praise at the same time, the subsequent also led to concerns about security hidden danger, on its beautiful appearance, yue in visual, clear the security hidden danger has become urgent. LCD splicing screen as to important display equipment, security systems in the subway security system, commercial advertisement, etc play an irreplaceable role.latest company news about Look from the shenzhen metro line 11 LCD splicing the importance of the screen  0

    Over the years, by the road traffic accident, elevator accidents emerge in endlessly, citizens enjoy quick and convenient travel at the same time, the security hidden danger but also nots allow to ignore. Subway as are very strict on safety and function of system, efficient means of transportation in city at the same time, the security risk prevention has become a monitoring shelters, so the subway station every package will be domestic subway things known. Both before 5 subway lines, and the opening of the 11 new line, at a time in the subway that sweet remind "please be careful of the gap between the train and the platform", in addition to passengers in and out of the subway and metro, etc. Pay attention to the order and security, 11 subway operations up to 120 kilometers per hour, and in front of the various unexpected emergency things can happen in the future, more need to do a good job in subway security system effectively. Shenzhen focus multimedia technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in CCTV monitoring system equipment research and development, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises, as a professional security companies in mainland China, fertile LCD splicing screen, in the subway security system or commercial display applications, such as market with rich market experience and successful cases.

    Subway security system consists of liquid crystal splicing large screen video surveillance, access control and intrusion alarm three parts. DDW LCD splicing screen in the security system has its heald it displays incomparable advantage, the traditional display screen or ordinary stitching quality definition itself is not high, the resolution is low, the disorder of the audio quality faults, either the subway security or commercial show, all cannot meet the needs of the market. The DDW LCD splicing screen its flat-fell seam is small, high definition, high quality sound, such as a strong split screen performance advantages, become a subway security system of choice. In case of emergency, the subway security system can assist the police through the LCD splicing screen, fast personnel screening, can accelerate the process of settling, increase the ability of reaction, the importance of the subway security determine the difficulty of the security companies in this field to be reckoned with.

    In view of the high barriers to entry, subway security system DDW expressed quite agree with, and on the security products such as liquid crystal splicing screen to continue efforts to technology, and is committed to building industry benchmarking, also called on everyone to improve safety consciousness, safety first. In today's security technology continues to progress, DDW as domestic famous security companies, believes that the display LCD splicing screen in the subway security, business and so on will go a long way.