Major breakthrough LG launched 55inch extremely narrow Bezel LCD video wall screen

August 5, 2016

In the process of the development of LCD video wall screen, “Seam” has always been a “Heart Disease”, it was often criticized due to spelling sewn, which influence the screen display effect directly, has been unable combined with DLP and plasma at the beginning of its birth. Recently, LG announced, the super narrow bezel in the world was launched 55inch seam is only 1.8mm LCD video wall, indicates the LCD splicing screen major upgrade again in flat-fell seam level.

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LG developers said, splicing screen is not a single screen, but made up by many screens, used in the overall display or differentiation display. So in the process of using, border problem has become the influence factors cannot be ignored. In order to achieve as a big screen effect, lots vendors are waging fierce competition around the border thickness. With the technical progress and the rising market demand, in the future, the proportion of ultra narrow bezel and even extremely narrow margin products will be rising.


The emergence of 1.8mm bezel video wall , let the LCD splicing screen have a qualitative leap in the visual display effect, have been able to achieve "zero" flat-fell seam, with its own inherent advantages of the thin, flexible, industry users must start to review its application value in the high-end market.


However, due to video wall screen is the product, which combined with several panel blocks to use, so if the weight is overweight, then need the racks to fixed it. Thus, the splice screen costs will rise, the cost of the warranty will be increased, too. Therefore, extremely narrow bezel 55inch LCD screen products weight was only about three quarters of the products for same size was launched, and the strength is stronger, with more competitive in the market.