Meet the large-screen display technology era with diversified trend

August 5, 2016

Large screen display products in the field have been developing steadily in the past year, the manufacturers are also actively expand the market development, market demand selected to provide a good service. These vendors include projection display wall manufacturers, flat panel display manufacturers, research and development of fusion splicing and other vendors, and jointly promote the sound development of large-screen display market. Although due to government policies and other factors, government organs and departments to reduce the procurement budget for AV products, but enterprise users still have room for growth. 2014, mosaic flat product sales are expected to reach 150,000 units, splicing housing 21,000 units.

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Large-screen display system as a modern video tools, have been widely used in various fields, such as large telecommunication systems, security monitoring, traffic management, production scheduling, power sector industry. Intelligent and integrated development trend of large-screen display system, and ultimately, the display will optimize system performance.

The development of intelligent large-screen display

With the large screen display system large-scale, information technology, network development, intelligent large-screen display system is not a new proposition, and as technology continues to improve and perfect the market demand, has become a must-smart elements.

Intelligent design method, system functions, one-button automatic adjustment, easy to complete the original complex adjustment process, in ensuring the premise of the display, making the operating system more convenient. In addition to specialized intelligent adjustment technology, intelligent power management and automatic brightness control feature is also a number of large-screen display applications into the large screen manufacturers, system control and preset backlight intensity automatically adjusts the display brightness with ambient light, to further reduce energy consumption.

It is worth mentioning that the ultimate purpose of intelligence is to service consumers in the field of large-screen display systems, "smart means simple." The signal is transmitted to a variety of processors, simple simple and convenient screen industry has become a major focus of research techniques. There is no doubt that the future will also incorporate more intelligent design, making system operation more convenient. In addition, the "intelligent" not only refers to the intelligent control of large-screen display system also covers intelligent recognition, intelligent voice, intelligent self-management equipment and adaptation. Industry experts believe that the "intelligent" competition will compete not only end products, intelligent terminals will eventually achieve "cross-border interconnection," a whole new era of intelligence will come. With the development of large-screen market, who occupied intelligent, simplified system product research and development level, who will win the future.

Screen display splicing system integration

Recently, some focus on the terminal part of the business began to take the path integration system, adding a number of new product lines, such as cameras and other equipment. The reason is that liquid crystal mosaic manufacturers of products in actual use, the need to rely on signal acquisition, transmission, storage and management of multiple links to achieve high-definition display, function integration in order to achieve the overall maximum performance.

Mosaic screen display system integration issue, also suggested that splicing screen display intelligent systems integration is to integrate the strategic significance of system information technology resources to achieve seamless switching and intelligent control display splicing system and front-end system devices, reduce the instability of the systems operate independently of the existence of control, improve the work efficiency of the whole system running. To do this, the technical aspects of system integration is no problem, the key lies in the degree of integration with the system's ability to integrate and devices. Integration of this trend will be survival of the fittest system equipment manufacturers, the absence of certain technical strength of the manufacturers to phase out the industry to further optimize the technology and equipment, the industry will be further standardized development. Enterprises in order to stay ahead in this trend, the need to accelerate cultivate application software (UI design, B / S architecture) technical personnel, large-scale integrated intelligent platform to enhance the secondary development of software integration capabilities, fully understand the basic equipment of each system features. However, the current display screen splicing smart systems integration also has some "bottlenecks" such as: inter-system equipment is not compatible with software protocols are not standardized, not unified, some manufacturers do not want to or do not have the software protocols provide secondary development, the ability to open, resulting in many items can not splice system integration. Therefore, the need to solve the problem is to regulate the industry standard protocol system equipment development, requires manufacturers must have the ability to solve the problem of secondary development of software.

The sources also believe that the mosaic screen display smart systems integration implementation, the market will be able to get a warm affirmation. Because with the rapid development of information network technology, high-definition network industry, intelligent information technology is becoming increasingly popular, user requirements for system operation efficiency has become increasingly demanding for highly integrated systems, help reduce labor costs, Improve work efficiency.

Display wall technology was the future trend of diversification

Mainstream large-screen display technology development trend of the future will be diversified. After years of development, display technology has matured, as well as many new products continue to enter this field, such as a laser light source, OLED, LED full-color and other small pitch, perhaps in the near future there will be other types of new product launches. For professional large-screen display system manufacturer, its strength should not only use the latest display technology components assembled display units, save the controller level, the real strength should be reflected in the master core technologies embodied in the system constantly improve aspects of display and control functions, it should have the ability to customize the software and hardware product development, the ability to provide users with the overall solution. This is a user of large-screen display system manufacturer's requirements, but also the future trend of large-screen technology.

It is foreseeable that the splicing gap will be "seamless" development in the true sense. The most prominent feature Super Narrow LCD splicing although that selected the best works for the ultra-narrow LCD screen, but the patchwork spliced still not able to achieve "seamless" patchwork requirements in the true sense. For color reproduction, high resolution, life and other important technical indicators, liquid crystal mosaic wall big advantage. The advantage comes from its own liquid crystal display principle in the future for a long time is the other display devices can not transcend. Therefore, the current LCD splicing technically remaining problem lies splicing gap. Second, the large size of the mosaic screen towards the direction of development. In recent years, it is increasing the size of stitching unit, large-size liquid crystal mosaic wall more and more applications in various fields. Coupled with the application of image processing technology, which makes large-screen LCD splicing screen showing the overall feeling stronger; while the large size mosaic patchwork stitching unit reduction in the frequency appears in the display, large size only with higher brightness and color uniformity, and the overall feeling stronger. At the same time due to the large size of the audience while watching the display screen easier, more open perspective. Thus, the overall trend will be LCD splicing system design and easy to install large-screen, high-resolution, high brightness, high contrast and modular, management and control of the direction of development.


Large-screen display screen is to show the effect of the industry's most important security projects, direct the carrier to show, the industry daily users, the management platform, and its application in the power industry, urban management, water industry, public display areas will become increasingly widely. As the show continued integration and development of technology and control technology, widely used in large-screen display technology, has been involved in high-end engineering field, it brings large screen, multi-screen display and a clear, realistic display makes monitoring, security efficiency, conferences, simulation and other areas has been significantly improved, while promoting the rapid progress of industry technical standards.

Among the large-screen products, both liquid crystal stitching skills such as LCD, DLP rear projection splicing skills or PDP plasma splicing skills merchandise are constantly pushing technological progress, in order to progress to promote the development of skills. Coupled with the tireless efforts of the manufacturers to accelerate the process of social information, and large-screen products will expand skills benefit in more application areas.